Nov 4, 2011

The Girl Who Walked Into Priceline Just For Colgate.

Did you hear the story about the girl who walked into Priceline looking for toothpaste and dental floss and came out half an hour later with her dental suppplies and then some (haircare and fragrance)?  Welcome to the story of my life. 

In my defence, my spendy shampoo and conditioner had run out.  Why is there a tub of bicarb sitting next to the Kerastase?  I appear to be unable to wash my own hair properly.  It doesn't matter which shampoo and conditioner I use, I always end up with tacky build up on my hair.  The only thing that seems to shift the lankiness is a bit of bicarb mixed in with my shampoo every once in a while.  It's a little inconvenient but it works and saves the shower from being populated by yet another bottle of my stuff.

Then I heard about Pantene Aqua Light.  My friend M on twitter mentioned it the other day.  Her friends were returing from the UK with suitcases full of Aqua Light.  Then I found the Aqualight shampoo and conditioner at Priceline for $8 per bottle.  There is also a leave in conditioning treatement. 

This is a link to a great beauty blogger review.  Pantene products are infamous for their love of silicone but Aqua Light is free of these.  I've used the range a couple of times now and I'm a convert.  Pantene always have great, sturdy packaging and there is differentiation between the shampoo and the conditioner bottles for those of us who shower without their specs or contacts in.  Then there's the Pantene fragrance which I quite like and I really don't have build up on my hair.  It feels conditioned and I haven't been compelled to use MorrocanOil before blow drying.  This is a good omen.

I'm off to my hairdresser tomorrow.  I wonder if he will notice that I've made the switch....

Source watermarked on photograph
Cat Deeley is the official face and hair of Aqua Light.  I think she's gorgeous (both inside and out) and will make an effort to watch her ad.  Is it screening in Australia?

I was also in the market for new perfume.  It was the catastrophe of forgetting to spritz myself yesterday morning that highlighted the need.  How could I go past such quirky packaging?  The perfumes are so fun and lively.  They are my version of youth in a bottle.

Each perfume cost $19 which I think was half price.  It sounded like a bargain so I bought Love and Lil'Angel.  Then I got home and realized that each bottle was only 10mls.  But the toppers make up for the small volume of perfume don't you think?

I'm wearing love today and it's a soft floral.  Just a hint of powder too.  It's not overpowering and has good staying power.  Dries down to a pleasant memory of the scent rather than going all sharp and sour.

It's been quite a day, quite a week.  I'm off to meet Carly Findlay and friends for dinner and a bit of a gossip tonight.  Can't wait.

Take care all and have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Ooh how awesome that you get to catch up with Carly. Have a great time.

    I also agree with you about Priceline. It is like Bunnings, you can never just go in there and come out with one product. I think there is some kind of shopping voodoo in those stores.

  2. You have access to such great products....
    no wonder you are all so glamorous.

    Spritz away..

  3. They used to sell Pantene in Norway some years ago, but now I can't find it anywhere! I also have trouble with product build-up in my hair, which leads to a flaky scalp, yuck! Cute perfume bottles!

  4. I love Cat too - she is v. classy I think and dresses very well. She is gorgeous! I know that blind-woman-in-the-shower situation only too well LOL! xxx


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