Nov 1, 2011

Go You Good Thing!

I got my act together for Melbourne Cup this year.  The back page of the paper had a helpful 4 step guide to placing a bet on the race (which ended with advice to say 'go you good thing' at the running of the race).  Sky News simplified the form guide and listed the favoured horses on the morning news.  I reviewed both over my breakfast and then wrote my horses down and gave the list with my $20 to Mr SSG.

Mr SSG walked to the TAB and lodged by Carnival Combo bet in person.

Then he walked back after the race to get my money.  That's right, I got some money back.  I only made a loss of $3.10 which is probably the best result I've had in my entire betting history.

I celebrated quietly with a can of Coke Zero as I whipped up a batch of muesli.  I've discovered that raw muesli is the best thing to eat with psyllium.  The muesli nearly hides the floaty specks of psyllium husk and also masks the taste of it a little.

Why this psyllium frenzy, you might ask?  That whole Goji berry thing didn't do much for me, to be honest.  You know how I feel about Miranda Kerr's Orlando and how I think she can keep him.  Well, Miranda can keep her Gojis too.  It turns out that pysllium just isn't a good source of fibre, it also has cholesterol lowering benefits.  The FDA even agrees.  So, go you good psyllium husk things!

Speaking of good things, how good are strawberries and blueberries right now?  We've been eating these like there's no tomorrow here at SSG Manor.

My good old Banana Republic trousers (the dry clean only ones that survived the front loader) saved me from looking like a giant strawberry this week.

The next part of my post is brought to you by the letter K.  There are the Ks who are the face of mindless fame and the ongoing battle to extend 15 minutes of fame for as long as is humanly possible, by all means necessary.  And then there are the Ks who inspire.
I couldn't not mention this.  72 days, earnings of $250 000 per day, a marriage lead in front of the cameras.  It certainly wasn't a cheap marriage in dollar terms.  Committed couples around the world are denied the right to marry because they are of the same sex yet two people with the same first initial can enter and leave a marriage so easily.
If you haven't seen this week's Australian Story then I encourage you to read the transcript or watch the episode.  Listening to Kristina speak about her life really changed my perception of her and gave me food for thought about my own situation.

Something About Me is the story of Kristina Keneally, the former NSW Premier.  The documentary explores Kristina's path to becoming Premier.  As an Australian raised in America, her detractors found her an easy target as she entered pre-selection.  As the leader of NSW Labor as it lurched from one scandal to another before crashing at the state election, many wondered why she even wanted to do the job and also questioned whether she was a puppet for the faceless power brokers of the party.

Through all of this, Kristina kept her marriage, her children and her religion.  The world could spit at her, make accusations against her and ridicule her but it was all 'ephemeral' in her words.  Because she had survived something far worse than what any of these people could do to her now.  Ten years ago, Kristina gave birth to Caroline who was still born.  The 2 years that followed saw Kristina search for answers to impossible questions and grieve and rail against the world. But ultimately, acceptance came and the great sorrow no longer engulfed her entire life.  The grief would never leave her but it had also made her a far stronger and resilient person.

The historians will say many things about Kristina's political career.  But to me, she is the first politician whose words and actions have changed my life directly.  I think its admirable that she chose to tell her story so publicly in conjunction with a cause she believes in rather than to further her political career when her future as Premier was in doubt.

Asher Keddie only has one K in her name but I love her to bits all the same.  She's looking very glam on the cover of this month's AWW.


  1. What a sham the Kardashian circus all was. How can you be 'irreconcilable' when you haven't even been married 3 months?

    Female politicians are damned if they do damned if they don't. The style their hair and are bimbo's - they don't and they're poor role models trying to be men. I was a harsh critic of Kristina but am quickly coming to the realisation that any woman in power brings the rest one step close - and regardless of politics they should be celebrated for that.

    I thought of you when watching Australian Story last night. Hope you're doing ok.xx

  2. I was so moved my Christina's Aust Story. It was so sad!

  3. I haven't even read your whole blog entry, but I have two things to say: I told you Goji berries are hideous. And Psyllium is strange - I once added it to a meal - not sure what, anyhow, I boiled it in some water, and then it overflowed in the microwave, because that's how I lazy-boil - and it turned into this flubber jelly thing, flipped out of the bowl and onto the bench. It came alive. It was awful.
    Ok, will read the rest of your blog now. Just had to get that off my chest.

  4. Kristina K is wonderful - such an inspiration, resilience personified. The Australian Story ep last night was wonderful. And I love Asher.

  5. Say what you like about Kim she has been and continues to be an outspoken supporter of gay marriage. I agree the whole thing has been a circus but hope she finds happiness with someone.

    I also agree on Christina K. Women politicians are given a particularly hard time - damned if they do, damned if they don't but she certainly gave it a go and kept her dignity.

  6. Isn't it fun having a win on the cup! Like you I didn't quite get my money back, but it was still exciting.

    I am not surprised about the whole Kardashian marriage fiasco. Now it will be on for young and old to get all the gory details. How appalling to live your life on show like that.

  7. Psyllium gives me wind.
    Kim Kardashian gives me the shits.
    I have a full on girl crush on Asher Keddie. I loved her in offspring. She is Magnificent.

  8. I have to say SSG, you are a very clever writer. I honestly believe you should have your own column in a Sydney community magazine or something. I would be a reference for you. It would be titled "Sydney Shop Girl" of course. Perhaps you could even have your own quarterly magazine called Sydney Shop Girl!! Or, you could just keep blogging. Whichever way you do it, I love the way you write ... and go off on tangents ... then connect it all up again. You're very clever.
    Oh, and thanks for the KK alert (both) and also ... thanks for making my mouth water for blueberries ...

  9. I didn't know all that about her - it is very courageous to share something so private and painful in a public arena. Hope you are well x

  10. I am a religious consumer of pysllium husks and soluble fibre, also for reasons of lowering cholesterol. Since seeing a dietitian I have been trying to ensure most meals have a fibre component and in addition I have been drinking psyllium fibre prior to my meals.
    I re-test at the end of the month - fingers crossed!


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