Nov 28, 2011

Medhurst Cellar Door, Coldstream, Victoria.

There's nothing like  looking back on past holiday photos to get you in the mood for your next getaway.  I'll be in Dubai this time next week and my holiday plans have all the important decisions and arrangements have been made.  What to buy duty free, where to go for high tea (the Burj or bust) and what to do in the evenings (mall hopping).

During our time in the Yarra Valley, Mr SSG and I had casual lunch at Medhurst Winery.  I know all our lunches were casual and lavish but this one was special to me because it represented to me what wine country lunches should be all about - great food, good friends, unique wines and lots of love and laughter. 

The Medhurst cellar door is tucked away from the main road, high on a hill.

It's a funky, modern space with the large expanse of front lawn dotted with sculptures and outdoor seating.

Inside, the cafe made the most of the glorious natural light. 

There was a high ceiling and simple, comfortable tables and chairs.

The day's specials were written on suspended black boards above the main counter.

Our table was set with an enamel water pitcher and glasses.

The 'paddles', scones and the kitchen.

Because there were quite a number of us for lunch and because we'd all been eating non stop for the whole trip already, we decided to share some 'paddles'.

I was rapidly rediscovering my apetite at the sight of our food being prepared.

Our first dish was the vegeterian paddle board. 

When 'good for you foods' go gourmet, you're autmatically entitled to have a lunchtime glass or two of rose.  The vegetables cancel out the units of alcohol.  Honest..

It was so fresh and full of colour and vitality.  You know how I have a thing for broccoli and carrots?  Well, who would have thought I'd be eating them by the plateful with a few glasses of wine whilst on holiday?

The pork terrine was especially popular with the boys.

The seafood paddle board featured smoked salmon, sardines and dip.  We did well, covering all the food groups at lunch.

The breads were delicious.  Light sourdoughs and crusty white loaves.  Perfect to go with the dishes we shared.

Medhurst do not produce sparkling wines.  But I wasn't going to hold that against anyone.  I found some willing friends to share a bottle of rose over lunch.  It was light and fresh, very drinkable for those of us who can't get past sparkling.  It won over a few of the boys too.

The rest of the table stuck to reds, which were just the thing to go with the cheeses.

Conveniently, these freshly baked scones were on offer for dessert.  I don't think there's a better way of eating jam and cream than with home made scones.

We lingered a while as the last glasses of wine were poured before heading for our hotels for late afternoon naps.

Plans for dinner?  We'd work all that out later.  It's almost impossible to feel a sense of urgency in a place like this.


  1. Sounds lovely, very envious! Great photos, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi SSG

    We visited Medhurst in January when we went to the Yarra Valley for a wedding (at Yering Station - also divine, but on a MUCH large scale!).

    I loved the setup at Medhurst but the cafe was closed when we visited so we had to make do with wine tasting instead. Can't complain!


  3. THe food and the little details look gorgeous. x


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