Nov 3, 2011


You'll have to excuse me if I come across all topsy turvy today.  I blame the weather.  It's Noir-vember at the moment and it's doing my head in.

Sweater - Saba, tank - Big W, necklace - RPE, belt - Gucci, trousers - GAP.

For a start, yesterday I had to unearth my sensible black wool V-neck.  Lucky it wasn't moth balled yet (just jokes, readers, I do not moth ball, let's be clear about that).  At least my Red Phoenix Emporium FF Leo necklace added some colour to proceedings.  Speaking of things RPE - can't wait for the Pop collection to debut.  It's looking fantabulous from Lotus' sneak peak here.  You can count on me for an order reveal on this blog so watch this space.

Then Noir-vember continued today.  My morning run got rained out so I had to do some yoga instead.  Okay, it wasn't so much doing as draping.  I am a big fan of supported poses.  My little home yoga studio features 2 very chunky bolsters and I draped my dodgy back over them this morning for quite a few minutes while the rain pattered on the roof.

So I had to wear more black winter weight clothing.  This time - my black GAP trousers and Hermes Clic Clac bangle.  But I wasn't about to give up  on spring just yet - I wore even more fuschia and hot pink than I did yesterday.  You can never have too much of a good colour, I say.

Cardi - Target, tank - Big W, scarf and bracelet - Hermes, trousers - GAP, scarf ring - Mai Tai collection.

That window in all my stiffly posed outfit shots is just above the home yoga studio / corner of the study.     Somewhere around where Mr SSG's guitar case (bottom right) is where the bolsters live.

And here we are.  It stopped raining during the day and it was gloriously sunny this daylight saving evening.  So I went for my run that usually happens first thing in the morning.  My feet felt funny in my running shoes on account of their being in work shoes and hitting the pavement and lino all day.  Then it felt too hot and there was too much light.  We could go on like this for hours but the bottom line is I went for my run, had a lovely dinner and now feel fabulous.

The time line of events in today's post is seriously scrambled anyway so I might as well end with my adventures at work this morning.  I left the house without a spritz or several of perfume.  I just do not know how this happened.  I had both my phones, my car park swipe card, my rice crackers, my banana, the paper, the mail, my brain.....  But I was unfragranced.

A girl just can't get through a long day smelling dermatalogist tested.  It's just as well that somewhere amongst the stacks of emergency supplies in my office is a bottle of perfume for days like this.

Yes, it's the original L'Eau D'Issey.  Can you believe it was way back in 1992 that the perfume was launched?  That's nearly 20 years ago.  I will now give away my age and say that this was also the summer I finished high school.  I had done my last exam and was rewarding myself with a look but definitely cannot afford to buy trip through Myer.  This perfume in its stark but beautiful bottle was the one thing I tried on that day that I knew I had to buy with the money from my first summer job.

L'Eau D'Issey was so different to anything else on the market at the time.  The minimalist packaging, the clean and aquatic floral scent.  It heralded a major shift in fragrance trends.  Calvin Klein's Escape is very similar but where Escape went on the sultry, physical side of the aquatic floral spectrum, L'Eau D'Issey seems more abstract and metaphysical.

That's it.  I just used the word metaphysical to describe a perfume.  It must nearly be the end of the week and time for me to find my bed.

Take care and I will return soon.  I have to tell you about my trip to Priceline.  You know how you can never leave a Priceline store with just some toothpaste and dental floss.....


  1. L'Eau D'Issey was my first "real" fragrance, my mum bought it for me and I remember treasuring it. I thought it was so special.

    I'm so sick of the cold weather in Melbourne, it's getting me way down.


  2. What a lovely post - sorry you've not got great weather, but you do look very nice in your black v neck. Love that Gucci belt too!

    Draping? I call it Yin Yoga (sounds much more clever and important LOL!) and I love it. Challenge to stay awake in some poses, but those 5 min + holds make a real difference. Love what Swan does for my poor old back.

    Eau d'Issey deffo marked the end of the 80s in my mind, and things became all about simplicity and purity. Still a very attractive smell. Have a great weekend. xxx

  3. Noir-vember, what a great expression, I'm just going to steal it right away, I think. It's certainly noir-vember here, the mornings are dark and I'm having trouble sleeping after setting the clock back from DST. And we should all ban wearing black clothes in wintertime, at least up against our faces, I love your red combo!

  4. I love L'Eau D'Issey. Haven't smelt it for years... We left high school in the same year (but you already knew that!

    I am doing a tiny bit of blogging back at my blog (but only a little bit!)

    Take care.

  5. I have emergency perfume at work too! It is Stella, the one that smells like roses (bordering on toilet freshener).

    Yes! Pop Collection coming soon... with a very special SSG - RPE collaboration to be revealed!!


  6. You are looking great these days and who doesn't love a punch of colour especially when it's Hermes!

  7. I always have random bottles of perfume hanging around. Like Lotus, Stella is a fave of mine. It suits any occasion in my book.

    I was getting down yesterday because of the rain and cold. So depressing after what seems like the longest winter ever. Luckily this weekend it's going to be warm this weekend so I can hopefully get out for a nice walk with Mr K and Baby G.

    K xx

  8. I first saw that scarf and thought it was from Hermes, then read the caption wrong and thought it said it was from Big W and thought 'Wow! That's pretty impressive for Big W!' haha.

    I think a little colour is lovely, and I think it's what's needed to make Noir-Vember go a little quicker.

    I love L'Eau D'Issey! It's one of my staples in my fragrance wardrobe. I'll always go back to it. I feel so bare if I haven't put on fragrance before I left home!


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