Nov 23, 2011

Oh FAB, I'm Officially An Acronym.

What is with all this rain?  I have heard nothing but the sound of rain on rooves for 2 days straight now.  I keep walking into puddles or mud or puddles of mud.  I got cabin fever from not being able to go outside without clutching an umbrella. So I went out for a walk this evening clutching that umbrella and sucked in lungfuls of fresh air and reveled in the wide open space of my local park.

SSG Manor appears to have lost quite a few umbrellas this year to natural attrition.  Mr SSG has taken matters into his own hands and placed an order for his and hers golf brollies at a golf store in Melbourne.  Apparently they're fibre glass, double layered and virtually wind proof.  He tried his best but apparently the store don't make a pink version with a 'candy cane' handle (perhaps they sold out at the President's Cup?).  Such a shame but I'm sure the golf umbrella designers had a reason for using 'moulded' handles and non pink colour options.  When they arrive, I will report back after testing mine out on the walk in to work which is actually a bit of an all terrain trek through lots of puddles and the occasional construction site.

Scarf and belt - Hermes, scarf ring - Mai Tai Collection, sweater - SABA, trousers - GAP.

I've even been forced to return to 'middle of winter' clothes.  Even my Magic Kelly scarf can't lift the gloom.  But hey, it's only 10 days until I fly to Dubai!!!!!  Preparations have begun in earnest.  I had a long telephone conversation with the Emirates Australia help desk last night and the following have been confirmed:
- at 0300 on the Saturday, I will be hitching a ride to the airport in an Emirates car (Mr SSG is beyond happy he gets to sleep in).  I think it would be pushing it to ask for a pit stop at Maccas along the way.
- I will be having low fat and low cholesterol meals on the plane (meals in the club lounge will be a completely different story) as opposed to Asian Vegeterian, Bland or Vegeterian Oriental.
- I can lug 12 kg of stuff as carry on.  This is not going to be hard at all. 

Then I had a lively exchange of emails with Irene and Jordan at the Burj Al Arab.  They extend Greetings and a Reservation for Sky Tea.  I will be quite literally high tea-ing on the 27th floor of the hotel.  I also have detailed instructions on what to wear, "a suit or dress, long or short skirt or dressy slacks and top".  The email also took pains to highlight that photography is also allowed in the restaurant however video cameras are not.

Heels - Jimmy Choo, dress - Zara.

I am workshopping outfits at the moment.  I'm feeling orange, paisley and a nude heel.  As a FAB (Female Asian Blogger), I have a certain image to project.  That's right, I'm officially an acronym.   It all started this week with Terry Durack and his review of Jamie's Italian.  Terry's take was that the massive crowds at the eatery were 50% those who owned a Jamie Oliver cookbook and 50% FABs.  I'm a lover of Venn diagrams so I reckon there's at least a 75% overlap of the two groups.

Terry had this to say to those who were offended by the term.

Oh boo, the charming compliment I paid to my lovely new social media colleagues has backfired. Dammit, everyone said they had no sense of humour. But I still insist that they do - and they are welcome at my table any time. We're all in this together.
Personally, I had a good chuckle when I read the review.  As Mr SSG is wont to say, "which part of that is not true"?

I say, let's embrace FAB and brand it like Victoria Beckham did with WAG.  I'll have a think about the key elements of the FAB look and get back to you.  Between you and me, I reckon we're going for a low maintenance make up and hair, tan free aesthetic.  However, the love of a good handbag or a pair of shoes is universal and crosses acronym boundaries.


  1. LOVING the belt darl, when are you coming to Bris? can you be here on Thurs next week for the Jean B xmas do?

  2. I need your rain here stat! My newly laid turf is just about dead after the driest November ever.

    I imagine you can rock the key element of a FAB with ease.

    TDM xx

  3. I am sure you will rock that acronym like no other FAB. Not least of all because you have a sense of humour.... (And very good shoes)


  4. You're my favourite FAB ;) Have a wonderful trip and let's talk SSG necklace giveaway when you get back!


  5. Can't wait for your Dubai posts!! Why no videos at the restaurant I wonder?

  6. It's so funny - I thought of you when I read that review!! It's definitely a compliment. I'd love to have an acronym other than SAHM right now ;)

    I am dead set jealous of your Dubai adventures. We are thinking of a stopover next year on the way to Europe - having done Singapore/HK to death I am quite keen on Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Will be very keen to hear your thoughts after your visit!

    K xx

  7. FF: I will be there in spirit and will dress appropriately here in Sydney on the day. X

    TDM: sending rain clouds your way.

    AFW: thank you :-)

    L: don't you worry, I shall be spreading the word about RPE to the Middle East.

    K: will update after the trip.

    SSG xxx

  8. Dubai sounds fantastic and I'm loving the look. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

  9. Ha Mr Durack was there the night I dined at Jamie's Italian at the table right next to me. I wasn't offended by the term at all. He seems like a nice guy so it really all depends on who it's coming from really.

    Have fun at the Burj, I did the afternoon tea there a couple of years ago and it's not something you'll soon forget!

  10. I look forward to the review (and photos) of your special airline meals. I will be ordering the same on my Emirates flight (first time). I have flights which are all at a time that depart and arrive at a respectable time that I could have someone be my taxi service, however, I feel like calling the chauffeur service just because I can. I can't waste that privilege, surely?!

    Have a great time at the Burj! I'm sure you'll love it.

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