Nov 6, 2011

Packing For A Destination Wedding. My Heart Says Leopard.

I'm flying to Melbourne this Thursday for a destination wedding at the Yarra Valley.  Which means I only have a 3 day working week.  I think we should all have more of these, every 3 months or so would be perfect, not greedy.

It also means that I had to start planning to pack today.  The plan is to have everything that needs to be packed laid out in the spare room so that all I have to do on Wednesday night is order takeaway for dinner, book a taxi and then run around throwing everything into my suitcase.  Of course I can't actually pack the suitcase now.  It would kill the buzz of that last night at home before leaving for a holiday.

A heavily discounted leopard print Moschino shift is the obvious choice of attire for testing out shoe options.
If your idea of fun on a sunny Sunday afternoon (it's now stormy but that's a story for another day) doesn't involve clomping around in your collection of black heels then you're missing out.  For the record, I have the YSL Gaby's in as option #1, then the Louboutin Ron Rons and finally the Louboutin Hyper Prives.  It's the red tip and open toe that see the Hyper Prives a distant third.  I don't have time for a pedicure before we leave and I plan to spend my time in wine country with wine rather than waiting for a pedi to dry in a day spa.

I was trying to figure out which pair would be best for the combined conditions of winery lawn and indoor reception area.  Yeah, I know I should have taken them out to the front lawn and tested there but that would have involved walking down the front steps and across the driveway.  I could have broken a hip or even worse taken a chunk of leather off a shoe!  It's all good though, I'm packing my heel guards and numerous foot dressings.

Where do you stand on the issue of leopard print at weddings?  I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to be rather chilly in Melbourne this week so my original idea of a kaftan has been abandoned.  Which leaves me with me with one of two options - fail safe black or this fetching heavily discounted from Saks Off Fifth in Hawaii Moschino leopard print shift.  My heart says leopard but my mind says black.  I will pack both.  Mr SSG and I are going out to dinner while we are away so perhaps the leopard will make its debut there rather than at the wedding.

As you can imagine, it was thirsty work planning what to wear.  Just as well I had a couple of coconut juice sachets defrosting in the kitchen sink.  In case you were wondering, our freezer is emptying rapidly now that Mr SSG is onto the case.  We are on schedule for an earlier than anticipated annual defrost and fridge clean out.  When that is done, look out Costco and the Pyrmont Fish Market - the SSGs will be restocking.

Maintaining adequate hydration is key when faced with outfit planning on the scale of what was before me.  I think it's all sorted.  Like Noah's ark, the outfit options will be packed in twos - dresses, heels and bags.  The world can now resume spinning on its axis.

Some of my favourite things from Priceline.

In other exciting Sunday afternoon news, I have found my way back to Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I stray from time to time but I always come back because it's a great cleanser and has been nothing but kind to my face.  That's my umpteenth jar of Pawpaw ointment in the photo as well.  That will be going into my bag for Melbourne because it's so multi purpose.

I'd better get going.  I'm meeting my cousin and his family for dinner tonight.  They're staying near Prymont and we're off for a buffet dinner.  I'm not sure if I've fasted long enough to do the Star Casino's rumoured 130 dish affair justice though.

Have a lovely evening and take care.


  1. Your outfit and shoes look gorgeous. I am also intrigued by the frozen coconut juice, I will try to give that a go sometime. Have a fabulous time away! Fifi

  2. Please wear the leopard! From what I can see in the photo, it's a lovely print, and the dress looks like quite a sophisticated, classic cut. I think that black looks a bit uninspired at weddings, but then again, my idea of a neutral is markedly different from everyone else's...

    As for shoes, I vote Ron Rons. They're comfortable, yet still have a air of sexiness about them. I think it's the curve of the vamp.

    Jealous of Yarra Valley wedding festivities! I wish my friends/family got married in nice places.

  3. Definitely go the leopard print... It looks fantastic. Black always does seem a bit ho hum for a wedding.


  4. Gosh, the very idea of the selection of the shoes and the fabulousness of it, omg, I adore you even more. I love a good last minute, but planned in advance pack.

    Lovely, lovely you. Enjoy your destination wedding. :)

  5. Go the Leopard looks like fun. I'm LOL that you're packing three pairs of black heels. I'd pack one and go shopping in Melbs for more if I need them - I'm tricky that way.

  6. You know it is a Melbourne wedding so probably 99% of the other guests will wear black (what is it with Melbourne and black?). I would definitely wear the leopard print.

    And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who spends hours trying on all the shoes. I have been known to change shoes between the ceremony and reception.

  7. We probably had a coconut drink at the same time yesterday - same pack too!!!!! =D Forget coke on a hot day, coconut is the only way to go.

    I personally don't wear black to a wedding so its another vote for the leopard print x

  8. I need to investigate the frozen cocnut juice. I havent seen it before!

    Dont give up on the kaftan, we are having some warm weather down here at the moment! :-)

    Have a great trip x

  9. I like your thoughts re packing. I am no way near as organised. It actually troubles me a bit. So many clothes, nothing to wear. And I find myself packing things that I might not ordinarily wear in my home town.
    I hope you have a good stay in Melbourne-ish.
    And I can also use Cetaphil - I use the Restoraderm stuff which is meant for people like me - it is quite good, and can also be used as a shampoo.

  10. My heart says leopard too. You can never go wrong with perfectly accessorised leopard. It's totally appropriate for a wedding.

    K xx

  11. The leopard print it is, then!

    Em: how's that for coincidence. Coconut juice is one of my favourite summer drinks. Need to restock the freezer ASAP.

    Z: the Ron Rons are looking good. Much more comfortable than I remembered them to be...

    SSG xxx


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