Nov 21, 2011

Saturday Morning Sparkling. Domaine Chandon, Coldstream, Victoria.

After a week back in the trenches of Sydney traffic, I realize just how much I loved driving in the country.

There were no traffic (or traffic lights) and a very generous speed limit of at least 80km/hr.  The roads unfurled in front of me as far as the eye could see and they didn't have a single pot hole in them.

When I did have to stop driving, it was usually to do a right turn to a fun place like a winery or the house of Chandon.  For readers from overseas, Domaine Chandon is a property owned by Moet and Chandon.  The sparkling wines made here are true to the heritage of the French company.  Domaine Chandon incorporates beautiful gardens, a restaurant, a cellar door and the Greenpoint bar.  Organized tours are also available.

After my right turn, it was more cruisy driving down tree lined avenues.  I didn't even have to stop for a parking coupon!!!!!

Isn't it beautiful?  The Great Dividing Range forms a dramatic back drop for the acres of vineyards that spread out in front of you as you walk to the main building.
It was lucky I was standing here BEFORE we hit the bar otherwise I would have burst into 'The Hills Are Alive...' in my infamously bad singing voice....
Mr SSG and I arrived at around 11am on a Saturday.  I think we just missed the first thing in the morning crowd as well as the lunch time rush.

The aesthetic at Domaine Chandon is all airy, modern and sleek. 

It's a sharp contrast to the ornate and decadent plushness of the mothership Moet & Chandon house in Epernay.

The marketing was equally slick with house merchandise including a baby barbecue and this roomy wine tote.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I wasted no time in making myself at home and pointing myself in the direction of the bar.

Whilst the adjoining cellar door offers free tastings, the bar area combines a menu of light snacks and the opportunity to sample either a range of sparkling wines exclusive to Domaine Chandon or else a whole bottle to share.

I decided to go try a range of sparkling wines for morning tea.

The tasting cost $28 for 4 generous pours.  The wines I sampled were the 2008 Classic Vintage Brut, a 2005 Yarra Valley Brut, a 2007 Tasmanian Cuvee and the 2002 Prestige Cuvee.  My favourite was the Yarra Valley Brut.  I am kicking myself I didn't bring a bottle home with me.

Nifty combined ice bucket and flute holders.  I would have bought one if they were available for sale.

The outdoor area was a popular place for a bit of sunny Saturday morning sparkling.

The bar area featured a high arched ceiling and this was the view from the inside looking out.  The rose bushes bordering the vineyards are such a romantic touch.

The gardens are a popular place for events and a marquee was being set up as we left.

I now leave the sun of these photos for the rains and cloudy skies of Sydney today.  So much for the burst of summer we had last week.  This weather has a mind of its own.  I think I'll be back in my woolen sweaters tomorrow.


  1. Looks amazing, both the scenary and the vineyard and its surrounds (oh and the traffic rules or lack thereof).
    Have you been to Epernay? I absolutely loved it when I visited in 2009. x

  2. Very jealous!! What a perfect way to spend a day after a relaxing drive in the country. Cheers!

  3. I love the Domaine Chandon winery, just gorgeous. It was there that I fell in love with the super dry ZD (I love that it comes with a bottle cap not a cork) and my Dad discovered the sparkling shiraz. I have such wonderful memories from my visit there.

  4. what perfection! This is now on my 'must do' list for our next Australia trip.


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