Nov 29, 2011

Snacks and Submarines.

So, I'm on the home stretch until my little holiday conference.  I rang my bank today telling them where I'd be and for how long.  Just in case they decide to suspend activity on my cards whilst I'm in the middle of a transaction at the Mall of the Emirates.

I've printed all my conference registration paperwork and put the address of my colleague's hotel into my iPhone, we plan to explore a different mall each night for dinner after each long day of conferencing.  I've located my passport and it hasn't expired.  Heck, will you look at that plastic document wallet?  It contains every bit of paper I need for the trip.  Except the tick box packing list I drew up last night.  I know from past experience that filing away a packing list is never a good idea.

Mr SSG has been grazing on this good stuff whilst I've been excessively planning and itemizing.  It was from our Costco trip at the weekend and the packet is only 1/3 full now.  Bhuja Original Mix is the beer snack.  It's a mix of dried peas, peanuts, raisins and crispy things dusted with an Indian spice mix.  It's made with sunflower oil and not greasy or salty like these snacks sometimes are.  What's more, Australia, Majans is Australian made and exports to the world.  The beer snacks that export to the world have to be good for you and Australian jobs.  So do your national duty this weekend and get yourself to Costco.

TeaSub - $19.95 from typo.

I saw this TeaSub at typo and almost burst into song.  Sadly, it doesn't whistle 'We All Live in a Yellow Submarine' as it makes your cup of tea, but it is awfully cheery.  The submarine is made of silicone and fits about a teaspoon of tea leaves.  It has a chain that you drape over the edge of your cup.

Teabah Relax - $20 for 50g.

TeaSub meet Teabah.  The Relax tea was a bonus from the ladies at La Clinica (they spoil me).  Teabah are certified organic loose leaf teas and Australian made.  'Relax' is a blend of chamomile, lemon balm, calendula and vervain.  The result is a light and soothing brew.  It's easy to drink without the bitterness you sometimes get in herbal teas.

The tea was so pretty to look at.

I placed the tea inside the TeaSub and watched as it journeyed to the depths of my mug.

I had a little smile as my cup of tea brewed.

Speaking of things yellow, to paraphrase Rachel Zoe, it's ba-na-nas right now.  They're around the $3 / kilo mark these days.  Happy, happy days!!!!!

It looks like I'll be off the blog for a little while.  I will touch base when I can but if I'm not back before I fly out, I hope you will all keep well until I return.

Take care all,


  1. That tea submarine is GORGEOUS!

    Your Dubai trip sounds fab. I went to a conference in Hong Kong with my boss/friend a couple of years ago and we had a ball hitting the malls, markets and massages after the conference hours.

  2. I think the tea sub could be just the pressie for my sister for Christmas! I hope she doesn't read your blog SSG!

    xx C

  3. Enjoy the conference/holiday - totally jealous you're going O/S on a work trip. Relax if you can and enjoy...can't wait to see all your purchases when you get back.

  4. Enjoy you trip. Sadly no such shop where I live!! Shame. x

  5. I love the teasub but it's rather expensive for what it is.

    Seems like it's that time of the year when everyone has a conference to go to lol.

    You're the fourth person this month I've heard that are going to a conference.

  6. Ooooh have a good trip! Shop up a storm!!!
    I love the submarine and I wish it whistled Yellow Submarine. Good idea, you should patent that ;)

  7. Enjoy your trip - it'll be great to get away and have a change of scene. I can't wait to see your shopping when you get back! I love that tea sub - I've never seen anything like it! xxx

  8. Have a great trip, and happy shopping!!! I will miss you.

  9. Ohhhh .... Mall of the Emirates .... jealous ... have a great time!

  10. Have a wonderful trip! I'm sure it'll be a great adventure :) Happy shopping!

  11. I giggled at the sub in the cup. Have a wonderful trip. Take care.


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