Nov 9, 2011

This Is An Automated Out Of Office Post.

The out of office email is officially in circulation.  It was go, go, go from that morning skinny cap from the coffee cart.  Tying up loose ends, phone calls, emails.....  I've been looking forward to getting away for so long now.  Somehow, time has sped past in these last few months.  Which for me has been a great blessing.

We're off on our four day weekend tomorrow morning.  Only that small matter of packing stands between me and wine country.

I think we all know how I roll in the holiday packing department.  There are no easy choices and there always needs to be a fall back options.  Things are more vexed than usual this time around because I've been reading all the stories of the torrential down pours in Melbourne this week.  Should I wear my water proof hiking shoes or the fun holiday flats?  Does it really matter if all I plan to be doing outdoors is driving between wineries and restaurants?  I will throw caution to the wind and wear the flats whilst leaving my trusty hiking shoes at home.

It would be bad form to attend a wedding with grotty rings, wouldn't it?  It's bad enough my nails are un-manicured and chopped back as far as they could go.  Packing and general housework paused for a while as I gave jewels a going over with an old toothbrush and a cup of sudsy warm water.  Morning Fresh works bets for me.  Then I just leave everything to air dry on a paper towel.  Remembering to move everything to a safe place away from the kitchen sink for the drying process.

My toiletry bag probably weighs at least 3 kilos despite my best efforts in filling it with sample sized products only.  A dilemma arose when it came to hair care.  My new love, Pantene's Aqua Light, is too big and heave to pack.  Ditto the MorrocanOil.  I don't know about you but decanted hair care never works as well as the product that remains in the original packaging.  I've tried it time and time again and it's always the same story.  There must be science behind this.  I had to be ruthless.  I left everything behind and will chance it with whatever samples are in my bag already.  Perhaps the country air will add some gloss to my locks.

The one full sized product I couldn't leave behind was my Shu Uemura cleansing oil.  It is such a brilliant multi tasker that it just had to come along (in its own zip lock bag).  It removes full make up including heavy eyeliner and mascara with ease.  As I no longer need to pack wipes and eye makeup remover, it is really worth its weight in trying to pack light gold.  Do not ask about the actual makeup I packed.  When you get to a certain age (or are a celebrity on a photo shoot), there is no denying that a double digit number of compacts is key to getting glow and restfulness for a big night out.

Tonight's snack was colour co-ordinated with my beverage of choice, Coke Zero.  No point starting on the bubbly too early in a long weekend.  Tasty cheddar, SAOs, roma tomatoes and a sprinkle of sea salt over the tomatoes are such a simple combination but they are just so amazing together.

I'm all done now.  The bag definitely weighs less than 23 kilos.  The taxi is booked and my alarm set.  Have a lovely evening and talk to you soon.


  1. I would have gone for the fun holiday flats too. They're gorgeous and I want them! Have a great break :)

  2. It is crazy how heavy my toilet bag gets. I'm going away over Christmas and I could manage to carry on my clothes, it is the toilet bag that is going to throw me.

  3. Ohh how lovely, Pantene Aqua Light and MorrocanOil are my HG at long last I think.

    I think it must be some weird reaction with air when you decant shampoo and the like into smaller containers. Weird I never have the problem with my moisturiser.


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