Nov 15, 2011

To the Chateau Born. Yering Station, Victoria.

I was looking at myself in the mirror in my skinny jeans when two words entered my stream of consciousness - forward lunges.  That too good to be true exercise that targets all the things women hate about their lower bodies (except blisters and sprained foot arches from killer heels) in one simple action.  Personal trainers love inflicting them on their unsuspecting clients, so they have to be good for you.  

I've been doing my lunges in the morning, on the patch of lawn next to our driveway.

I've survived 3 sessions of them now and have felt all the pain but not seen any of the benefits.  I am a patient woman, I'm giving the lunges until the weekend to do to my thighs what Spanx could not.  No, that's not our driveway but perhaps if it was, I'd be a little more motivated in doing my lunges with a keen attention to form rather than getting them over with any which way.

The current mansion was constructed in 1854.  It was opened as a luxury hotel in 1987.

That tree lined avenue actually lead Mr SSG and I off the Melba Highway to the main house of Chateau Yering in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

We ate at both Sweetwater Cafe and Eleonore's - posts on these to follow.

Lions are seen at all the best places.
Mr SSG and I were lord and lady of a River Suite.

Which welcomed us with home made chocolate fudge.

And a stuffed cat on a canopied bed.

I have a knack for claiming the side of the bed closest to the window.

And the bedside tin of cookies.

Before we go any further - the obligatory bath and toiletry reveal.

Molton Brown toiletries.

A clawed foot bath next to the shower.

And a lovely view from the bath.

I could have drawn a bath right there and then but hunger and the need for a glass of wine got the better of me.  So Mr SSG and I walked past the pool and across the car park to the Yering Station Winery and Shop.

The Shop is an eclectic mix of regional and Melbourne based brands of foods and skin care (Aesop).  The products were very creatively arranged around the shop and I couldn't resist buying a few things to bring back to Sydney with me.

Bare branches decorated with tea bags.

Henry Lawson Cocoa.

Meringues featured heavily in the desserts(!!) I ate over the long weekend in the Yarra Valley.

The Belgian Chocolate Brownie is officially delicious.  We had it at work for morning tea yesterday. It's moist, rich and not too sweet.

We plan to get through this Pecan Caramel Slice later in the week.  We have no choice, the expiry date tells us so.

I have two more jams for my collection.  They are made from organic sugar and will go down a treat on by carb friendly days.  SSG Manor has resumed the Team Gosling Diet and we are back on the no carbs after five rule.

The Shop lead into the wine tasting area.

Where sparkling as well as the standard reds and whites were on offer to taste.

Then it was a short walk to the Yering Station Wine Bar Restaurant.

With some quirky art installations to look at along the way.  One of the defining features of wineries in Victoria is their  love of art.  It's everywhere you look on the lawns and restaurants on the properties.  I loved it and couldn't stop snapping away.

Yarrabank Creme de Cuvee. 
The restaurant had wonderful high ceilings with the use of different materials on the walls for visual interest.

There was a wooden paneled wall with a window into the kitchen.


Oil and Dukkha.
It was so airy and bright, the perfect place to enjoy the sun and clear skies that seemed to magically appear after a week of torrential rain in Victoria.

Laura Webb-James is the head chef at Yering Station and her meals are creative, full of colour and beautifully presented.

Thick cut chips, $7.00.

We started with chips which were perfectly crisp on the outside and mushy on the inside.  They arrived with a dusting of sea salt as well as a lime and chilli dressing.  Chips for grown ups.

Oh, the mains.  They were so beautiful to look at.  The combinations of flavours and textures were original and also delicious.

Butternut pumpkin and spinach tortellini with soya beans, blue cheese and miso sauce $34.00.
I love any pasta dish based on a blue cheese sauce.  When it also features soya beans and spinach, well that's down right healthy, isn't it?
Swordfish, tempura and nori prawn, pickled watermelon, radish and nashi pear salad $38.00.
Mr SSG commented that the swordfish was perfectly grilled.

I was so content after lunch I almost joined these sculptures as they dangled their feet in the pool at the entrance of the restauarant.

There is a front room to the side of the main dining area that features a gallery of sculptures.

There are also installations dotted across the lawns as well.  Nice to have art to look at whilst trying to walk off some of your meal.  I'm not sure if the Rolls Royce belonged to a guest or whether it was part of the art work.

We walked back to our room and sat on the balcony for a bit to take in the stillness and calm of our new home for the weekend.

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  1. Good to see you having funa nd relaxing Blossom x

  2. Such a beautiful place! The food looks fantastic too!

  3. Lovely accommodation!
    I must say that I am hungry looking at all this delicious food. Molton Brown has some fabulous scented toiletries...I hope that you had a bath and relaxed in that lovely tub!

  4. Oh I love the Yarra Valley. That looks like an absolutely gorgeous place to stay.

  5. What a relaxing detour! I love the Yarra Valley - so serene and beautiful and it's really so close to Melbourne! The food at Yering Station looks amazing.

    By the way - you can get Phillippa's brownies et al at Thomas Dux. Just in case you miss them!

    K xx

  6. It's so beautiful there! We will always remember our weekend there so fondly! :)


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