Dec 5, 2011

Breakfast At Sweetwater's, Chateu Yering, Yarra Glen, Victoria.

Just in case you've been missing my Yarra Valley photos, I've got my last batch of photos for you today.
In this instalment, we begin on the balcony of the De Castella suite.

You can never look out at the Great Dividing Range towering over a landscape of cattle, a creek and trees too often, I feel.

Especially first thing in the morning, with a power OPI manicure, a cup of tea and a home made biscuit.

Instead of 'Do Not Disturb' signs for the door handles, Chateu Yering has stuffed toy cats.  Visitors simply place their cat outside their door when they wish to be left alone.  It didn't take long for Mr SSG and I to find the humour in a corridoor of lined with stuffed toys.

Kitty Cat Timms almost made it to the door the night before but lost his key to get in.

His fitness freak next door neighbour was doing some early morning yoga - the upward cat pose.

Before making a start on The Saturday Age.

Us non feline chateu residents trotted off to breakfast at Sweetwater Cafe which is on the ground floor of the main house.

Sweetwater Cafe is a sun drenched, casual eating area.  A full breakfast is included with each night's stay.  The continental breakfast is buffet style with hot breakfasts and coffees made to order.

The bircher muesli and fruit compotes were out of this world.  The fruits and rhubarb were obviously home made and delicately flavoured with vanilla and star anise.

I ate smoked salmon and creme fraiche for breakfast every single morning.  The salmon was moist and super fresh.  It was odourless and had a mild almost creamy smoked flavour.

There were also regular cereals and milk on offer (towards the rear of the photo above).

Mr SSG and I found a quiet corner of the cafe that also overlooked the gardens.

It's hungry work being on holiday, as I'm sure you'll all agree.
Bircher mueslie, compote and natural yoghurt.

My daily smoked salmon and a pastry.
I'm convinced that all that smoked salmon did wonders for my skin.

The vegeterian hot breakfast was just right for me.

Mr SSG was very quiet (and quick) when his Eggs Benedict arrived. 

Then there was little else to do but take a leisurely stroll through the garden, past the sun dial as another glorious day of leisure stretched out ahead of us.


  1. Sounds gorgeous. Hope you are enjoying your current trip as much.

    The stuffed cats made me laugh.

  2. I adore a good breakfast. Chateu Yearing goes to the top of my list of places to stay based on how that looks. Plus the cats are gorgeous!

  3. Brunch is my favourite meal of the day - these look amazing. I like a good breakfast bar at a hotel. And that bircher muesli looks fab.

    Those door cats are so funny - I think my parents have one. I am not a cat fan at all. One day, when my dogs were still alive, I went home and Dad said we have a cat. I freaked out, fearing itches and sneezing and scratches. He told me the cat lives inside. I wondered how the dogs went with the cat. And then I went inside, saw that the cat was of the toy bean bag-esque variety!! Phew! Meow :)


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