Dec 2, 2011

Fridays Like These.

I love those last Fridays at work before annual leave begins.  It doesn't matter what the day throws at me, it's all completely doable.  I always get this burst of energy and a second wind when I've buzzed out of the car park and an unusual tolerance for the peak hour traffic on the M4 on Fridays like these.  There is a feeling of relief as the cares of work are left behind for the moment and a sense of excitement for the good times ahead. 

Work wise, things are distinctly future facing.  Rosters and so on for 2012 are out now and my diary and calendar are already scrawled over in colour coded pen - a conference in February, another in May, presentations...  Where to fit in the holidays for the year?  And where to go?

One of the more pressing matters of my work life has also been resolved.  I found my new tea mug.  I broke the last one and a few weeks ago and have been struggling to find one that's large, thick rimmed and with a comfy, sturdy handle.  I found this one at Myer for the princely sum of $4.85.  The friendly boy at the electronics counter (the only pay station in line of sight from homewares, that's a story for another day) even wrapped it up in tissue for me.  Who says customer service is dead?  I'm just a bit gipped that there wasn't an Aesop counter at that particular branch.  I'm in need of Aesop's flight remedy for my arduous 14 hour flight.  Perhaps there will be some available at the duty free.

Mr SSG will be staying home in Sydney for the week with a freezer full of food, a file of takeaway menus, the start of the cricket season and .... the pot plants in the She Shed.  He only needs to water one of these once while I'm away.  By the way, thank you Mr SSG, for sourcing the dirhams from the CBA head office in the city.

He's also going to be busy keeping an eye on retail activity in the CBD. There's a couple of Christmas shopping events that he's got my invites (and shopping lists) for. There's also a flurry of store openings for him to monitor as he walks out for lunch or for the bus.

Photo courtesy of Mr SSG who has stated this is as close to the store as he's going to get, thank you very much.
This photograph of a window at the new Louis Vuitton emporium on George Street (for want of a better word, I think the PR people are calling it a Maison) comes courtesy of Mr SSG and his new iPhone 4S.  He was pretty impressed with how well suited the monogram canvas is for the marsupial form.  The store doesn't open until Saturday for normal people like us but there was a ritzy opening this evening which which is going to be very A-list with Ronnie Wood being on hand to give the proceedings a rock edge. 

Pantene Aqua Light is true to its name.  No build up after all these weeks of use.

You knew that packing would be a saga, didn't you?  I am in two minds, about whether to bring my tried and true Aqua Light / MoroccanOil bottles with me.  My hair says 'YES!!' but my mind says 'there are better ways to use those 40kgs, SSG, you just haven't bought them yet'.  I think my mind has swayed me yet again.  Perhaps if I just bring the oil?

This all nighter business for a 3am pick up time is doing my head in.  I've tried to get myself as tired as I can so that all I do is sleep on the plane.  This involved going for a run at 9pm tonight (I got my first look at the neighbourhood Christmas lights in the process), blow drying my hair and trying to do a strict edit of my makeup for the trip.  I received a timely gift this afternoon that I am dying to show you - but will wait until Dubai.

I'm off to have a bit of a cat nap before my ride arrives.  I am lugging my laptop and camera to Dubai so I do hope to still be able to do the odd post on location. 

Take care and may we all have a good week wherever we all may be and whatever we all may be doing.


  1. Have a great time in Dubai! I look forward to seeing the new delights you've purchased there.

    I've 'won' a trial pack of the new Pantene shampoo and conditioner but have yet to receive it. I'm looking forward to giving it a test run.

  2. I thought I'd de-lurk and wish you a wonderful trip! I love reading your blog and about the wonderful life you lead full of shopping and glamour! Keep on doing what you do so well. xx

  3. Have a great well deserved holiday SSG. Looking forward to reading about all of your adventures in Dubai!


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