Dec 11, 2011

Home Wares, Iris Apfel and Mad Men Frocks.

If Zara had a range of brake pads and tyres, I swear I'd show more interest in car maintenance.  As they don't, I've had no choice but to divert my attention to Zara Home.  That's right, Zara do a range of home wares.  I understand that these stores are mainly through Europe as well as the store in Dubai (just across the way from Zara at the Dubai Mall).

I can be a sensible woman at times.  I bypassed the throws, bed linen, table ware and cushions and set my sights on things that I could easily pack into my already bulging suitcase.

Like these glossy coasters to replace the cork ones on my office desk that I've drowned one too many times with overflowing mugs of tea.

And this apron in the official animal print of the discerning home cook - monochromatic leopard!  I will never again feel uninspired when I get home from work to start getting dinner on the table.

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Did anyone else smile broadly at the Iris Apfel interview in the Sunday paper today?  What a beautiful and witty lady!  At the age of 90, Iris is still a force to be reckoned with in New York fashion.  She recently created a range of jewellery in conjunction with based on her love of costume pieces.  To quote, "Understated jewellery is not for me.  It's too itsy bitsy.  My husband is lucky I've never had an eye for real jewels".  In 2005, her style reached iconic status when her clothing and accessories were the subject of an exhibit at the New York Costume Institute.  In her youth, she was the interior designer of choice for 9 US presidents.  She and her husband make considerable donations to charity.

I could go on and I will.  Of her glasses, she says, "When I needed to wear glasses, I decided I'd wear glasses".  Her sense of colour and theatre in how she dresses make her more youthful and relevant to me than younger women who refuse to give into time and age.  Her wry observations about the declining standard of personal attire in the current generation of New York City's youth has given this youngish woman in Sydney some food for thought about her own street wear (those GAP cuffed track pants and a fitted red GAP T with white Birkis without a statement necklace - but please don't tell Iris).

Best of all, I like her reply to the question of whether she knows now who she is, "I don't try to intellectualise about it because it tightens you up.  I think you have to be as loose as a goose".  You tell 'em Iris!

Iris appears to be a fan of mixing chain store into her wardrobe (she is a fan of Old Navy jeans) so I am sure she would approve of these finds of mine from Dubai.  As luck would have it, Banana Republic in Dubai actually had a selection of the 65 piece Mad Men collection that was launched in August in the US.  I was too apprehensive to order without trying anything on but with the range in front of me, I didn't need any encouragement to try on the dresses from the collection.  As much as I love the leopard print shrug, I refrained from trying it on because if I did, I'd probably buy it and then not have anything to wear with it. And there you have a fascinating insight into my mind at work whilst clothes shopping.  I think I need to work on 'loose as a goose' a little more.

The dresses.  Beautifully cut, fully lined and very work appropriate.  The black shift has a cowl neck with lace at the hem and a little at the shoulders.  I think it is called the Joan dress.

This navy floral print dress will be just the think to wear with the official Sydney Shop Girl necklace from Red Phoenix Emporium.  The very yummy Pop collection launches later this week and I am yet to finalise which pieces I have to have.  I may have to decide based on What Iris Would Do.

Have a lovely evening and stay dry if you are in Sydney!


  1. Dear SSG

    Iris A stars in a doco I saw today called Bill Cunninghsm and she is FABULOUS. So is Bill. x

  2. Both myself and my husband absolute LOVE Zara! It's our favourite store :) Although H&M may come a close second. I almost died and went to homewares heaven when I saw Zara Home in Istanbul! My suitcase was already packed to the brim otherwise I would have stocked up!

    I love your very 1950/60's inspired dresses. Cute and very work appropriate, although fashionable enough to wear out afterwards should you need to.

  3. Ohh I love those mad men dresses. I wish we got more stuff like that out here.

    Well done on the sensible home wares shopping. Love the apron. Unfortunately my other half can't stand animal print anything so I will just admire from a distance.

  4. Congratulations! Can't wait for the launch of the SSG with RPE. TTFN

  5. Her glasses are to kill for. How cute!

  6. I love those mad men dresses and the Zara homewares. I haven't seen a Zara homewares store over here (Germany), I'll have to keep and eye out for one next time I'm in Berlin or Munich.


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