Dec 5, 2011

It's All About Me. Hermes and Bloomingdales, Dubai Stylee..

That previous post was the last of my Yarrra Valley adventures.  I'm back with  more of Dubai today.  I hope your Monday is going fabulously.  I know mine is.  I think I deserve a bit of a slap for the smugness. You can put yours in the post to my room at the Shangri-La Dubai if you like.  And I promise to shake my head dramatically at each slap and fling my hair around.  It's getting longer, my hair.  It will look so daytime soap.  I just know it.

I think I've arrived.  My name is up in lights....  Well in brass with a bit of subtle crystal bling, but close enough, don't you think?

Say hello to my new Palestyle clutch.

Palestyle is a fashion label with conscience.  It was born in 1989 with a hope of creating a community of 'Palestylers' who embody love, culture and hope through fashion.  The label designs both clothing and accessories and the manufacture of these items is partly done by women in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.  The aim is to give these women a brighter future as a percentage of the sales of Palestyle goes back to these women.

I have my lovely friend F to thank for arranging the order and translation of a Chinese name translated into English into Arabic.  It arrived just in time for this trip and it will be going with me everywhere in this vibrant, glossy and outgoing city.

The first place I took my clutch was to the Dubai Mall.  Thanks to all the readers who recommended it.  There is a reason the stores here close at 10pm at the earliest.....

The malls are massive and jam packed with all the big names -  both exxy and no quite as bad.  There's also food everywhere - cafes, fast food, restaurants, a supermarket - you  I have to admit to getting shopping fatigue last night  after about 4 hours but I blame my jet lag.  But, I digress.

I knew I was onto something with getting my name written within a circle.  All the big names are doing it.

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Hermes is currently hosting a little exhibition in one of the plazas of the Dubai Mall.

The Festival des Metiers is quite a unique venture where Hermes asked some of its artisans to travel to Dubai to give little demonstrations of their unique skills. In a Hermes carpeted enclosure decked out with house orange and brown art installations, each artisan had their own little station to demonstrate their art.  It was fascinating.

The scarf exhibit was 3 people deep.  There wasn't much talking going on, just a demonstration of the silks being run across a bed of ink.  At least that's what I think they were doing.

Oh Dubai, I love your extravagance and frivolous side.

Where else would decorators shred Hermes scarves to create a an underskirt for a table?

And also your casual  abandon with luxury goods.  You're also the kind of place where a Kelly is just casually placed on a shelf with no apparent security in tow.

Again, sorry I couldn't get much closer but this exhibit featured one of the House's leather artisans.

It all looks so easy.....

Such is my attention to detail that I've used Google in Arabic to confirm the name of this bag.  It's the Constance bag.  Faux Fuchsia, would you place this bag as a member of the fuchsia family?

Couldn't resist a snap of the carpet especially installed for the exhibit.

The Dubai flag was to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Dubai National Day.

Bloomingdales Dubai, I have a soft spot for you as well.  It's all about fragrance here.  As I've walked the streets (okay, walkways of the malls), I'm constantly inhaling wafts of the most exotic fragrances as the locals glide past me.  It's very invigorating and somewhat intoxicating.  The fragrances are never overly sweet, cloying or synthetic but rather woody, rich yet clean but often with citrus as well.  I've botched the description, I know, but if you've every been to this part of the world, do you understand what I'm trying to describe?

Bloomies does your standard make up hall plus just a few little extras.   There is a separate store for the more exotic fragrances.  The usual big hitters of the cosmetic industry have footprints in store that are maybe 3 times what they would have in Australian department stores.  There's the standard make up displays, then a large area of their fragrances with a world wide release and then extra space for the limited release fragrances of which there are usually at least a casual half dozen (!!).  It was a bewildering experience for a girl who gets overwhelmed with the selection at Mecca Cosmetica.

So there I was in the exotics room, which housed 5 fragrance houses each with displays up to the ceiling of at least 20 fragrances each....

The scent of Mr SSG.  That's my new Stila eyeshadow palette.  More about that  little gem later...

My first job was to find one for Mr SSG who is notoriously vague about what he likes in a fragrance.  When all else fails, ask the incredibly suave sales assistant and you'll never be too far off the mark.  Mr SSG, your signature scent is now officially Acqua di Parma's Colognia Intensa.

Of course I bought a bottle (or two) for myself.  I don't know how Mr SSG feels about the matching his and hers fragrance bottles but it's too late now.  I bought Acqua di Parma's Magnolia scent and L'Artisan Parfumeur's Fig Extreme scent.  Too much fig is barely enough for me.  It's one of my favourite scents.

My suave friend at the counter took my fragrance confusion to heart and overloaded my shopping bag with 8 samples, encouraging me to return again tomorrow if I liked any of them.

Oh and he slipped in this makeup bag too.

It's not just any make up bag, it came with a set of makeup brushes inside and a little internal side pocket as well.

Well, that's about it from me today.  I've got some frocking up to do.



  1. SSG! Tell me more about this clutch. I want one, and would like to buy one for my sister as well. It probably helps that we have already got Arabic names. How long did your custom order take, and was it wildly expensive?

    Love, love, love the look of it.

  2. Z: unders $300, from memory. It took 2 months. Do it!

    SSG xxx

  3. Oh I am living vicariously ....
    what a luxe life you lead!

  4. Oh it is all so wonderful! I LUFF Dubai!!!

    Yes I can confirm that bag is a member of my family, we all love it! xxx

  5. The clutch looks amazing! I want one too and sweet sweet score on the make up bag.

  6. How amazing this all sounds. And I love Colonia Intensa - a perfect pick for Mr SSG. Seems as if you are having a wonderful time ! X

  7. Fabulous!

    It should be all about you, all the time.

    TDM xx

  8. Yay! Gorgeous! You finally got your clutch! So happy for you. Seems we both have the ever practical, yet classic, beige. I love mine although the strap is rather long for my vertically challenged frame.

  9. I love that clutch. And I love the scarf printing. And I also love that you've given me an insight to Bloomingdales. Can't wait for NYC.


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