Dec 7, 2011

A Francophile in Dubai.

It's taken me 20 years, mon amie and ami, but I am now a newly minted member of the strategic holiday wardrobe brigade.  Those fashion editors really were on to something when they advised to stick to one colour scheme, to add excitement with accessories and to have one practical handbag that will go from day to night.

I'm slipping in my limited French vocabulary early because last night ended up being an evening in Paris via Dubai.  But more on that later.

Dress - Brooks Brothers, necklace - RPE Faux Fuchsia Leo, bag - Hermes, flats - Birkenstock.

Back to the holiday wardrobe.  I've worn everything I've packed.  It all matches and looks put together.  Granted it's the comfy side of colour co-ordinated but it's a vast improvement on how things usually end up when I travel.  My inner fashion editor decided that navy blue, brown and white were to be the Dubai in Winter palette.

I'm matching again!  Dress - Ralph Lauren, necklace - RPE White Coco, bag - Hermes.
Now, on to the evening in Paris.  Despite being here for 4 days already, I hadn't even begun to explore all the eateries at Dubai Mall.  Last night, I found the Paul cafe and it brought back memories of our honeymoon in Paris.  Inspired by the wave of nostalgia, I decided to revisit my old haunts here in Dubai.

Where I had a bistro meal complete with French butter and a whole bread basket to myself.  The bread was pretty special.  The attention to detail with each foreign business that opens here in Dubai is astounding.  No component of the eating or retail experience is omitted in the translation from the home city and culture to the adopted location in Dubai.

I ordered some chicken and mushroom crepes that were baked with a cheese topping.

It was served with a green salad that was dressed with a punchy dressing.

I couldn't NOT have a Laduree macaron could I?

Especially when the store front was the exact same shade of green as it is in Paris.

And my table was 'outside' by the manicured trees, overlooking the mall.

I selected the salted caramel and chocolate Madagascar flavours.

My favourite was the chocolate.

The trademark pale green and gold Laduree boxes were absent from front window.

Instead, these technicoloured boxes were on display, celebrating a collaboration with the fashion designer Matthew Williamson.  I just love the matching macarons!


  1. Oh my, that packing tip is GOLD! And navy, white and brown. Genius! Loving both these outfits, the dresses especially. I'll take one of each in 3XL {becuase let's face it, in those stores the XL is what, a 12/14?}! ;)

  2. Ahh! Paul and Laduree! How wonderful! I hope you are having a fabulous time my friend :) x

  3. I am really loving all of the Dubai posts SSG!
    I am especially loving that you are posting heaps of photos of your trip.
    Looking forward to more. xx

  4. You look so 'put' together SSG. Love the Red Phoenix necklace. I packed my new Missoni inspired RP for my brief trip and it cocordinated so well + got loads of compliments.
    That crepe and cheese glory is my idea of heaven!!!

  5. Just caught up on your Dubai posts - sounds like a great (work) trip! Your holiday wardrobe has me green with envy...I need to work on mine ASAP! Keep enjoying yourself.

  6. I'm loving that RL dress, SSG. Love that look!

  7. I love these Dubai posts. And I can't believe there is a Laduree in the Mall. I'm on the next plane.

    K xx

  8. I love these Dubai posts. And I can't believe there is a Laduree in the Mall. I'm on the next plane.

    K xx

  9. I've loved reading all your posts about Dubai - having never been there I am keen for a stopover there one of these days.

    Reading about Paul made me relive my days living in London and eating their delicious Quiche Lorraine that had a good 1cm layer of cheese on top and was a heart attack on a plate. Mmm mmm mmm.

    Imagine my delight when I was walking around Orchard Road yesterday and came across a sign announcing that Paul was coming to Singapore! Weeeeeeeee! Quiche Lorraine look out!



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