Dec 11, 2011

The Office Christmas Fairy, That's Me! InStyle Says It Is So.

There is an upside to organising work Christmas gifts and lugging them all into work.  My office smells like a Lush store now and the brightly wrapped gift boxes give the room a festive feel.  If I hang on to the gifts for as long as I can, you'll know why.

I also received this sample of Hippy Hippy Shake shower gel as part of the order.  That sample has lasted 2 days already and I'm only half way through it.  It's rich and has a unique scent of citrus and vanilla.  It's a hit with me.  I've only ever used Lush soap and bath bombs previously.  These shower gels could be a new addiction....

That's a page of InStyle January 2012 in the background.  Based on its pages, I'm on the pulse of fashion this summer.  InStyle has decreed that is all about navy, white and platinum pendants.

Cardi - cotton on, dress - Banana Republic Mad Men Collection, necklace - me!! Sydney Shop Girl necklace by Red Phoenix Emporium, pendant and chain - Tiffany & Co.
So I made it happen on Monday.  I am loving my Banana Republic Mad Men dress. It has a great retro shape and the print is fun rather than frumpy.  It is also oh so comfortale.

On my feet were these two toned Ferragamos.  I am using archival footage because with all the weather yesterday, my shoes were mud spattered and not feeling very photogenic. Heel lovers amongst you, be warned.  Even the height of these pumps (they're not even proper 'heels'!!) were enough to make a sports physio spasm.  It was only after I reassured mine that I was only wearing them for dress ups that she visibly relaxed.

Speaking of dress ups, am I the only person reading this that takes great amusement in being colour co-ordinated with their takeaway coffee cup?  I was so excited I took this photo of myself with my iPhone whilst holding my work phone and coffee in the same hand.  I might send it to InStyle to let them know the influence they wield.

My next challenge though is tailored shorts.  Also featured in this month's InStyle.  Will it ever be warm enough this summer in Sydney to work Tailored Shorts 3 Ways?  How are you dealing with the decidedly unsummery weather sweeping across Australia right now? 

I'm starting to get Dubai withdrawals already.  This is the first post in quite a while where I have mentioned it only once.  How will we all cope?  Thank you, though for your warm reception of the Dubai posts.  I hope they were of help in planning your own trips there.


  1. I'm in despair over this horrid cold weather. I'm ready for lots of sun and heat. I have a bathroom full of sun protecting products that are not being used. It is all rather distressing.

    I love navy but think I own literally one thing in it. Might be the aim for the post Christmas sales.

  2. The weather is horrid at the moment isn't it.
    Just horrid

    I like the heels! Maybe the sports physio secretly wants to wear towering heels!!!

  3. I still wear heels about one day a week to work, the other days I wear flats. They are not towering heels but they do not get the physio tick (and I, too have been told....)

  4. Loving your navy and white combos - def got your finger on the fashion pulse!


  5. To paraphrase Faux Fuschia I can't wait to get my mitts on that Sydney Shop Girl necklace. It's very on trend and would go beautifully with my nautically themed Summer wardrobe.

    I haven't worn heels since I birthed the baby. Just not practical. I might dust a pair off for Christmas Eve...

    K xx

  6. Totally on trend as usual! Navy, is oh so hot. Love it. I want navy everything.


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