Dec 20, 2011

Tuesday Coffee.

Today was Italian Roast Extra Bold instant coffee day at work.  My little reward for making it to Tuesday(!!) was a sachet of Starbucks Via Ready Brew coffee as opposed to scooping a generous teaspoon and half of Moccona from the value packed jar on top of the bookshelf in my office.

As I sipped my cup of instant this morning, I was almost there on a narrow winding Italian road with the wind ruffling my head scarf as I zoomed along on my moped living la dolce vita.  In my mind's eye I was looking uber glam somewhere in the Italy of the 1950s with root lift in my back combed hair.  I might even have perfected the winged eyeliner look to boot.

There was no room in the fantasy for the dream world me to be pondering dinner options after a long day at work.

Needless to say, the real world me had to come up with a plan for dinner.  And that plan involved my trusty slow cooker and Japanese Golden Curry mix.  I think I've come up with the perfect equation for slow cooker Japanese curry.  Use 2 packet of curry mix.  I used one each of the 'Hot' and 'Medium Hot' varieties and the result was a richer and more flavoursome gravy.  You only need a cup or so of water with 800g beef, 6 carrots and 4 potatoes.  It is sad that we're having to break out the winter cooking utensils in the middle of summer here in Sydney, isn't it?

Shirt - Ralph Lauren, belt - Gucci, Tailored Shorts aka Bermudas - Banana Republic, bruised knees - a collaboration between SSG and the floorboards of the SSG Manor hallway (love those lunges, I really do).

Last week, in that brief moment of sun and heat that we had, I managed to wear my Tailored Shorts to work (reference, 'InStyle Australia January 2012: The Jessica Alba Cover') only to find that my knees got cold at lunch time as the rain clouds appeared and the rain started again.  I'm going to be proactive tomorrow and anticipate that the weather will take a turn for the worse.  I'm going to wear some jeans with a fancy shirt instead.  Possibly this very shirt, who knows?  With a pin stripe shirt, even the most casual of bottoms is overlooked.  Unless they're leggings, I suppose.

I also have other bold aspirations for tomorrow.  The weekend locked away at work and at home has softened my brain.  I'm hoping to hit the city after work for some last minute Christmas gift shopping.  I think the shops are open quite late and it would be nice to see how the city is decked out for Christmas before I go away for the weekend.

I will report back with any exciting news.  The twitter-verse is alive with news that there are both good sales and thinner crowds in the evenings at the shops.  I will accept this wisdom and plough ahead with my plan.

Coincidentally, this is my 666th post on the blog.  Having completed it, we can now move on to a non satanic number for the next post.  As you were.


  1. Oh dear, you have made me crave a late night coffee. Strong and aromatic. This is truly satanic....

  2. I do love me some Japanese curry. I shall take your advice on board and use two packets.

  3. Just remember that the 2 pack rule seems to work with slow cookers at this stage. Haven't tested with stove top method.

  4. Oh no.... hope I didn't keep you up all hours last night.

    SSG xxx


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