Jan 18, 2012

A Bohemian Right Hand Ring Party Of One. Next Direct Denim Does Flares With Flair.

It all started on Monday night with the twitter crowd.  Our tweets were alive with the magic that is plastique fantastique (thank you for coining the term, L) high street costume jewellery.  The debate was lovely and hilarious.  I mean, under $15 for the alleged twin of a $300 ring?  My only concern was whether or not my local store would sell out of them before I got there.  It would've cost $10 to order it online and that kills the buzz of sourcing a high street knock off somewhat.

You  I can always easily convince yourself that it's okay to buy that 'inspired' hand bag / pair of shoes / dress because it's not like the high street brand is calling their product Paddington / Hyper Prive / Galaxy, are they?  Isn't fashion an endless cycle of inspiration and interpretation?  Shouldn't people on different budgets be able to buy into a look or trend at a price that is reasonable to them?

Before I dig myself into a deeper hole, let's get back to the topic.  What we were tweeting about was this ring from Forever New.

A brigade of Brissas hanging out at Forever New.

It's called the Brissa Mottled Ring and it has a distant cousin called the Arty Oval Ring over at YSL.com.

YSL The Arty Oval Ring in blue
Image courtesy of www.runningheels.co.uk

Suspend your disbelief but guess what I bought myself today?  After going to the bank as a reward for figuring out the cheque quick deposit system and remembering my bank account number, I might add.  My very own Brissa.  Which I will now refer to as a bohemian right hand ring party (of one).  It ticks all the boxes for me.  It's a pretty solid make (definitely not plastic, feels quite heavy), I'll be happy if it lasts the summer and it was the right price for me as I'm not a person who invests heavily in costume jewellery rings (because I don't wear it much and would treat it appallingly when I do by washing my hands too often).  If I do end up getting a lot of use from it, then it would be a sign that buying the YSL version would be a logical next step.

Forever New's Brissa Mottled Ring

So, what do you think?  Are the Brissa Mottled and the Arty Oval:
a) twins separated only by name and price point
b) distantly related cousins several times removed, at opposite ends of the market
c) completely unrelated, fashion accessory world's water and oil, if you will
d) what do you mean, they're both really rings?!?!?

But, I hear you asking me, 'SSG, how does the Brissa look on your right hand?  That's the title of the post and we're nowhere near finding out!'.

Before Brissa, my right hand was a bit nondescript really.  In need of a manicure but at least that hand cream's been keeping my skin hydrated.

With the Brissa though, my right hand is looking positively Left Bank - artsy, bohemian, child of the 70s....  It confuses me that mixing of left and right but never mind.  It's all about the look.  This will be my 'Saturday in the city for coffee and a window shop' ring, I think.

When I'm not treading on the grey zone of intellectual property law that is the high street at times, I've been taking outfit photos using my newly cleaned mirror.  What a difference Windex makes.  It was very calming wiping down that mirror in wide semicircles.  Much like that 'wax on, wax off' scene in The Karate Kid.  I don't know where that 80s reference came from.  Something in the Windex perhaps.

Shirt - Farage, belt - Country Road, 'Amand'a jeans - Gloria Vanderbilt at Costco, cuff - Hermes.
I've decided that wearing all black outfits to work tempts fate like nothing else.  Chaos and disorder clung to me like you wouldn't believe on Monday.

Tailored shorts and blouse - Banana Republic, belt - GAP, necklace - Breakfast At Tiffany's by RPE.
So the next day I went for a neutral palette and things were instantly somewhat calmer.  I think I'm going to be in shades of neutral for the rest of the week.

Before I sign off, I can finish my review of NextDirect.  My jeans arrived this week.  I ordered 2 pairs of flared jeans in the regular length and they were $44 and $49 per pair, respectively.

Next bell bottom jeans - $44.

Next bell bottom, front pocket jeans - $49.
They will both need to be taken up but I was very impressed with the cut and quality.  The denim has a good weight and also has some stretch to it.  True to your Australian size (the website converts sizes for you) and they look as good as their $200 competitors with a fit that's just as good, if not better.  Which is bad news for me because now I want to give Next's skinny jeans a try....


  1. Ooo, I really love that ring and would've had no idea that it was a YSL knockoff as I know nadda about designer fashion...I need a lesson!  Love those jeans too - I'm always worried about buying clothes online though as they never fit me...sad face.

  2. Go the fArtsy! Whoa, I didn't realise how big it was!!

  3. Though not the main topic of this post, I also share mixed feelings about "knock-off" designs from fast fashion chains. I appreciate and directly benefit from accessible fashion and agree that fashion is a cycle inspiration and reinterpretation, but how do we fairly compensate the talented designers who work hard to do that actual inspiring and interpreting? 

  4. Though not the main topic of this post, I also share mixed feelings about "knock-off" designs from fast fashion chains. I appreciate and directly benefit from accessible fashion and agree that fashion is a cycle inspiration and reinterpretation, but how do we fairly compensate the talented designers who work hard to do that actual inspiring and interpreting? 

  5. SSG I got the the Arte when Netaporter had a sale but sent it back as it didn't fit. I happened upon a canadian girl who *ahem* fauxe Artes and ordered 2. I love them lots and wear them all the time as does daughter. Just a hint . The stone needs to flip around and rest on your knuckle. I used to wear it the other wy until some littel whipper snapper (FF 2009) told me I was wearing it wrongly. Oops!

  6. That ring is humongous and does remind me of an aging NYC socialite beauty I saw in the Bill Cunningham documentary.
    Looks great on your hand!
    Be careful you don't scratch yourself!

  7. The ring looks awesome. I'm a fan of "inspired" items, particularly when it comes to fashion and especially when I know I won't get the wear out of them, justifying the often exorbitant cost.

    K xx

  8. i'm echoing 
    MrsG - the ring is Ginormous! but looks almost like the read deal! so i say its a steal!!

  9. It's good enough for me and now that Kate B has put me right as to how to wear it correctly, I'l set.
    SSG xxx

  10. I'm with you on the cost per wear issue, Kitty.  Spend most for that which is used most.
    SSG xxx

  11. Major breakthrough regarding the ring, Kate!  Thanks for the Artes orientation advice.
    SSG xxx

  12. That's a big question that is probably harder than the current Euro zone crisis for any one person to solve.  I feel okay buying 'inspired'  things that aren't being passed off as the original.  But I also buy a fair few originals.  If I sit on the fence like this, does it make it okay?  Probably not.

    SSG xxx

  13. It could take out false eye lash extensions or smudge black eye liner in a biatch fight, I tell you, MrsG.  Erm, not that I was planning any soon...

    SSG xxx

  14. It is a find, regardless of the inspiration.  I must go to Forever New more often.  Their jewellery is interesting and nicely priced.

    SSG xxx

  15. It's huge. It would look ridiculous on my skinny fingers. I'm not sure how I feel about the issue of chain stores copying designs of well-known pieces such as the YSL Arty ring at Forever New. It does allow those of us who may not be able to afford (or who may not want to spend the money) the real deal to be able to access these designs at a fraction of the price, however I firmly believe in respecting a designers original work. It's a tough one though. I would never look down on someone for wearing an 'inspired' piece.


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