Jan 7, 2012

Cleaning and Culling.

If I could give the word declutter more than three syllables, I would.  Nothing less than six syllables could accurately convey the amount of cleaning and culling that went on at SSG Manor today.  I suspect the task isn't over yet either, I could be doing this all over again next weekend.

I started the day the only way a girl can when faced with a day of housework - with chocolate loaded refined carbs and a large glass of empty kilojoule fruit juice.  The resultant sugar rush saw me ruthlessly bin junk and selflessly donate to St Vinnnies for much of the morning.

The 'info' feature on digital radios is my saviour.  Now I know who I'm listening too.  I also like an appliance that tells me what to do.

To save myself from getting too twitchy, I had the soothing tones of SBS Chill playing on that new fangled digital radio of ours.  This brings to a total of four the number of digital stations I have now listened too this year.  And it's only the seventh day of 2012 as well.

We've had some good times together, my flared jeans and I.

Many favourite items of clothing were farewelled today.  Old suits that have seen me through the bulk of my working and exam (mostly exam) life, dresses I've not worn in years and this pair of flared jeans from Top Shop Kuala Lumpur circa 2004.  Working through my clothes focussed me on what I actually need to buy this year.  Shopping is always better with a purpose.  More frustrating perhaps but ultimately more rewarding.  Expect a post or two this winter about suit shopping angst.

The departure of my flares facilitated a bit of online shopping today.  Remember the nextdirect.com catalogue from last night?  Well, it conveniently featured nextdirect's flared jeans.  Which some in short lengths.  With free shipping and $10 off my order, it was obviously meant to be.  My jeans are meant to arrive in a fortnight so I will report back about how they fit.

The Great Declutter of 2012 was also a time to reflect upon moments in history.  This is my copy of the New York Times from the day President Obama took his oath and when the First Lady's fashion choices began to introduce the world to some of the US's lesser known (at the time) fashion designers.  

I also had five years of holiday paraphernalia to sort through.  My passport holder now has 4 zip lock bags containing 4 different currencies on the off chance I visit Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore or the US again.  Now that I've got the cash, I might as well go, don't you think?

In the interests of time, I did my own nails over a cup of coffee from down the road.  Sitting in the She Shed with the sun and a little breeze as my pedicure dried was nicer than being in a nail salon.  I'm also getting neater with the OPI brush and keeping mostly on my nails.  Coney Island Cotton Candy is a very forgiving shade though.  At least my toes looked glam when Mr SSG and I drove a car load of things to St Vinnies this afternoon.

By mid afternoon, I had to change my focus.  I retreated to the kitchen and had a bit of a cooking session.  After a bowl of tiramisu.  There's a pot of butter chicken ready for Sunday's dinner.  I like making curries a day ahead.  The flavours seem to soak into the meat better this way.

Then I had to get every vegetable in the kitchen out because our guests for dinner tonight are vegetarian.  I'll be doing a stir fry.

I remember Nigella Lawson once talking about the intense flavours imbued (a very Nigella word) in the water used to soak dried mushrooms so I've saved mine for the stir fry sauce.

It won't be all tears, burning skin, chopping and grating tonight.  I've got these secret weapons in my fridge.

Have a lovely evening, whatever you're up to.  Was anyone else hard at the cleaning and housework today?  Let's all just have the night off.


  1. oh dear, you're making me feel very guilty for not having tackled my own decluttering yet! i'm determined to throw out anything we no longer use or wear and that this house will have less stuff in come the end of the year!!

    enjoy dinner tonight!


  2. I sort of had no choice.  The spare room needed to be done this weekend - or else.

    SSG xxx

  3. Happy New Year!  Sounds like the perfect Saturday SSG, and I bet you sleep well with all that clutter and dust gone!  That OPI shade looks pretty and will be just what I want in the spring.  Mushroom water does make the most incredible stock I agree.  Oh, and I'll be v. interested to hear how you rate Next jeans when they arrive. xxx

  4. I think you should travel overseas with that extra currency!
    As for the jarred chilli and garlic - what about the challenge of the tubed avocado? How is that coming along? ;)

  5. Great to hear that the digital radio is working well, I really must get one as it keeps slipping off my list of things to buy.

  6. I had a clean out over the holidays. Still need to break ties with a few clothing items that I "may" wear about one day...but probably not.

  7. I was actually a little sad when I got rid of some of my old favourites...

    SSG xxx

  8. Helen,
    The range of stations is astounding.  I'm a news radio fan but branching out to all the 'extra' music only stations.

    SSG xxx

  9. Tubed avocado... I think I'm drawing my line right there.

    SSG xxx

  10. Audrey,
    I have 2 weeks to wait.  Will do a review.  Are you a Next fan?  We are so deprived here in Australia with our range of mid priced retailers.  It's all same same.

    SSG xxx


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