Jan 13, 2012

Guest Post: A Night In To Remember

Good morning and Happy Friday!  

I'm delighted to introduce a guest post today.  It was written by Sophie who is part of the team over at Delivery Hero.

Enjoy and I hope this post will put you in the weekend mood and give you some inspiration for a good night in.

SSG xxx

Recently my girlfriends and I have been easing up on nights out on the town and spending more time entertaining at home. It first began after one friend went for high tea at The Observatory, and inspired, decided to throw an afternoon tea for the ladies. Instead of meeting at a local café, we all headed over to her flat for homemade cucumber sandwiches, cupcakes, Portuguese tarts, pots of tea and a cheeky glass or two of bubbly. It was really lovely not having to worry about being too loud or hogging a café table for hours while cradling the same cup of coffee.

The home entertaining gauntlet having been thrown down, the next weekend another friend made a traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings. Booze and dessert duties were split up among the guests and we arrived to find Christmas themed table decorations and a look of triumph on the face of our hostess. Next up was a BBQ with a big wink towards all things Tropicana. Things on skewers were served in various combinations; drinks had at least 2 garnishes including an umbrella.

Download Image1.jpg (84.4 KB)

With the ladies about to descend onto my front door, I decided to throw a small dinner party with a Japanese theme. Often full-on Japanese meals tend to err on the more expensive side in Sydney but serving it at home makes it more affordable to go all out. I already had some gorgeous, speckled ceramic plates and cups for tea and picked up some cute small soup bowls and chopstick holders from Chinatown.

A local restaurant has fabulous Japanese food delivery  so I ordered a huge tray of sashimi along with some chicken karaage (that’s dinner party worthy Japanese fried chicken).  Cooking my own sushi rice which I served topped with toasted sesame seeds, making a miso soup and vegetable dishes spinach ohitashi style, seaweed salad and grilled aubergine with miso meant I could justify some excellent Japanese takeaway on both the financial and ‘putting in an effort’ front! Frankly, I think my friends were pleased to find the raw fish was handled by a professional. Sake is not for everyone so Asahi beer, chilled plum wine and green tea was my choice of beverages along with some delicious (admittedly bought) green tea and black sesame ice-cream for dessert which looked rather dramatic served in martini glasses.

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As you can see, home entertaining has become my circle’s new social thing. Of course we all still go out as well but if we’re catching up as a bigger group it’s just more fun than negotiating early/late arrivals to a restaurant, split bills, loud music and the inevitable game of musical chairs we play hoping to speak with everyone before the night ends. And the themes are just for our silly entertainment, it’s really just as fun going old school, hanging out in trackies, getting a takeaway pizza and watching a film starring Molly Ringwald. Some nights it’s just nice to stay in!

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