Jan 9, 2012

Hello and Don't Forget the Giveaway.

Hello Everyone

It's Monday afternoon already.  How are you travelling?  It's less than 16 days until our next public holiday.  Doesn't the whole of January feel like some kind of extended holiday anway?

Thanks for all your kind comments about the massive declutter over the weekend.  I'm so spent emotionally I don't actually have much to say or show you today.  People have requested photos of the assembled Costco shoe cube so I will try to get these organized for the next post. 

I do need to remind you that my Zara Home giveaway closes this Friday, January 13 2012.  I know, the closing date is a week earlier than originally planned but I have a couple of other things in the pipeline with some of my favourite collaborators and we're all keen to action some more giveaways.

Not just a pretty face.  These trousers have the best pockets too.  Deep and plentiful.
I'm wearing my Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans in golden beige (actually that's a shade of foundation but trust me, this is the exact shade) and can attest to their slimming properties.  Christmas New Year was desperately unkind to me and now it's time to get back to real life and the fact that fun food has calories too.  Even if you do eat them in summer and on four day long weekends.

Blogging is all about new frontiers and I've just drafted a guest post as a beauty blogger.  It was great fun and almost like writing a research paper.  There were lots of close up photos, comparison shots and solid objective analysis with a few beauty journalism terms referenced for good measure.  I will let you know what I reviewed and where to find my post when it gets published.

That's it from me.  Talk soon.


  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite NigellaJanuary 9, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    Happy New Year SSG and yes I feel that way about January! Looking forward to seeing your beauty post!

  2. Hi SSG and a belated Happy New Year to you! After a slightly rocky start on 2012, things are looking considerably better now, I'm happy to tell you. I'm looking forward to start decluttering in my own home (and closet) in a few weeks' time, so reading your posts was very inspiring! This morning when I went to work it was 6 degrees (celsius) below zero, there's a lot of snow and the moon was still up - now that's a contrast from your summer days! Have a lovely day!

  3. Happy New Year SSG :) I hope 2012 is a wonderful and positive year for you :) I love reading about your Costco buys, I wish we had a Costco in QLD! Those jeans look fab :)  xx

  4. Ooh how exciting, a guest post!  I'm so impressed by all the people who put so much effort into the posts rather than the random stream of consciousness I do.

    Love the jeans - I know you are going to talk me into a costco membership.


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