Jan 30, 2012

La Clinica Skin Care Heroes Giveaway

La Clinica have recently launched a new range of serums and treatments and I was lucky enough to receive a care package from Julia and Rita-Marie.  We've also decided that another La Clinica giveaway is in order and are squeezing in this one just before Valentine's Day.  So if you're interested in self gifting this V-Day (the only way to do V-Day, in my book) then read on.

Where off duty skin care super heroes hide in my dresser.

I've been using two of the Hero products for the last couple of weeks now and can say from personal experience that though they may not be dressed in lycra and made of kryptonite, they are definitely now my skin care super heroes.  All Australian, 100% certified organic and reasonably priced for the quality - you can't ask for much more these days.

$37.00 50 ml, all images from this one onward are courtesy of www.laclinica.com

The Rebalancing Vitamin A Boosting Serum is suitable for all skin types and aims to restore radiance and glow.  It is applied after cleansing and followed by your usual moisturiser.  I've been using the serum in the mornings and find that it is easily absorbed without leaving any oiliness behind.  It's a good base if you usually wear make up during the day.

After a week of using the Rebalancing Vitamin A Boosting Serum, I went to work with a nude face.  It was a brave move but I'd also slept in and was running terribly late.  Even under the harsh fluorescent light at work, my skin did look more hydrated than it usually does first thing.   It also felt 'plumper'.  I think I've found myself a 10 minute sleep in right there.
$53.00 30 ml

But the all time miracle worker award would have to go to La Clinica's Vitamin C Ultra Serum.  The goals for this serum are to rejuvenate and clarify and it delivers both in bucket loads.  My skin felt smoother the first night I used it and I do notice a change on the nights I forget to use it.  It doesn't sting like the glycolic acid based skin treatments do and because this is used everyday, the result appears to last longer than a once weekly treatment.  It's also a fair bit cheaper than the treatment skin wipes I use once a week.

Now it's over to you.  Thanks to La Clinica, I have 3 prizes to giveaway. I've linked back to the official website for each so you can have a read and decide which would most suit your needs.

Prize number 1 is a 30 ml Anti Ageing Stem Cell Complex 3 Facial Serum worth $60.00 AUD.

Prize number 2 is a 30 ml Firming Lift Caviar and Pearl Repair Facial Serum worth $100.00 AUD.

$42.00 100 ml

Prize number 3 consists of a 100 ml Rebalancing Vitamin A Facial Mask worth $42.00 AUD and a 50 ml Organic Green Tea Emergency Booster Serum

Here's how to enter, same as always:

  1. Be a follower through Google Friend Connect or via twitter @sydneyshopgirl
  2. Drop me an email at sydneyshopgirl@hotmail.com with your follower / twitter name, a postal address and what you'd like to win - prize 1, 2 or 3.
  3. Entries are open now and close FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10 2012
  4. Entries are open world wide.

Best of luck and thanks again to La Clinica for their generous sponsorship of this giveaway.


  1. The Distressed MotherJanuary 30, 2012 at 7:24 AM

    What a fab giveaway!  

    TDM xx 

  2. SSG, I feel that we have some weird La Clinica connection. I've been using their skincare for a year, and decided to re-purchase and make an online order the day before you did your first La Clinica giveaway. And then, you guessed it, I just placed another order on Friday!

    I love their products - especially their milky cleanser and glycolic face mist. I love the look of the vitamin c serum. Might need to make another order soon....


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