Jan 22, 2012

London Calling. Who Now Knows.

Half the weekend has now disappeared while I've been attending to a desk full of personal admin.  It was all that rain this morning that started me off.  Before I knew it, I'd completely cleared my desk of bills and filing.

Then the rain didn't go away so I started on my holiday plans.  What started as illegible scrawls of hotels, dates and places to go has now solidified into a couple of tables and a tick box type check list of things that need to be confirmed.  I've been google mapping quite a bit of London this weekend.  It's such a densely packed city and the names of streets and landmarks are so whimsical and iconic, I felt like I was playing Monopoly.

My current plan allows for 5 days of free time before my conference which is in the Docklands area.  I'll be staying in the Westminster area to start with and then moving on to Canary Wharf.  I also have a short list of 9 places I need to visit.  And they're not shops.  Who would have thought.  They are rather touristy though.

Cavalicious has reopened and all is good with Saturday mornings again.  Except that I was running late and missed out on my usual almond croissant.  The ricotta danishes are a pretty fine substitute though.

Technology is a wonderful but every once in a while, your body says no and gives you a headache from looking at your computer screen for too long.  So I spent the afternoon reading a hard copy magazine and looking at my battery operated analogue clock.

And it was just as well I was concentrating hard on the pages between Kim K's weight loss and the Golden Globes dress round up because guess who was on both page 67 and 68?  Red Phoenix Emporium jewels!!

Seeing RPE's Match My Missoni necklace on page 67 of this week's Who Weekly helped soothe my mind after reading of Kim K's inner turmoil and journey of self discovery.

It was only a matter of time before the nation's fashion editors saw the light, quite frankly.  RPE jewels take pride of place in the collections of so many of us ordinary folk and they are so much fun to wear.  I swear they give a little love back as well.  What's not to like? People, we're in the calm before the fashionista frenzy and our giveaway will definitely put you ahead of the fash pack.

Then I turned over the page and saw the Turquoise Me To Mexico necklace and all remaining memories of what Erin Wasson designed and (sort of but not quite) wore to the Golden Globes was completely erased.  

It's fantastic recognition for Willow and Lotus who've worked so hard to bring Red Phoenix Emporium vision to as many fashion lovers as possible.  With this coverage in Who Weekly, the sky's the limit.  Who Now Knows.

Ladies, I've taken it upon myself to do your PR for London.  I'm planning our London campaign right now.  It's a place that needs colour at the moment with those 8C daytime temperatures.  I'm thinking high tea at The Dorchester as well as frequent trips to Harvey Nichols for maximum brand exposure.  Or I could go round to Victoria B's place and have a chat along with an impromptu trunk show.


  1. I love that you are going to be a one woman ambassador for RPE in London. Those bright colors will look fantastic in an English winter. I sent a necklace to my sister in law who lives in Manhattan and she says it gets lots of comments when she wears it....

    Westminster is my favorite place in London to stay. Convenient and atmospheric.

    Take care. Hope all going well for you.


  2. You gotta go to Selfridges!!!! I love it!! And also Covent Garden - a very nice area.

    Personally i didn't mind Oxford St, i didn't find it to be overly packed and busy. 

  3. London- AMAZING!  You will have such a great time.  Let me know if you need any fab suggestions including shopping and food places.  Fifi x

  4. I agree with Jen - Selfridges is THE place to go. I's much better than Harvey Nicks, despite what Patsy and Edina would have you believe. They have the most sensational shoe section... And they even have a Mozzarella Bar - Obika. YUM.

    The area around Bond Street is lovely too. You definitely need to go to New Bond Street and South Moulton Street. Brown's is Fabulous and I could spend hours - days - even on those little side streets. Heaven.

    K xx

  5. Oh London, so jealous!! Make sure to keep us well informed as you did with Dubai so we can all live vicariously!

    I still can't believe you spotted that write-up in Who Mag - we had loaned them some pieces to photograph but had no idea they were going to write something nice as well. Very exciting.

    Yes, if you could just pop in and see the Queen, VB or Kate that would be very helpful.


  6. Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies.  Selfridges it is then!

  7. Will see what I can do.

    SSG xxx

  8. Ok so I saw a tweet by Posh Spice saying she is in London putting together a new collection. Your people could speak with her people and make this RPE/Posh collab work.

    I dont have any London fashion or shopping or tourist tips. But if you can get into Heston's restaurants please do.

    In other questions - Fifi B commented on your blog - is that Fifi Box??

  9. enjoy!! when are you headed over there?

    once i've lost my 50kg my reward is a trip back to england to buy a whole new wardrobe and i can't wait!!!


  10. Hi SSG
    I'm relatively new to your blog and haven't posted before. I was so touched by your post about your fertility issues - so many of my friends are going through the same heartache.
    Anyway, just wanted to say you HAVE to have a cupcake from Hummingbird bakery in London (there's a branch in South Kensington and one in Nottinghill, but South Ken is quieter...)

  11. I hope you'll go to Marylebone High St and visit Liberty. And try Hix for eating. Oh and the place to eat on top of the tate Modern so you can watch Mary Poppins fly over the roof top x

  12. I am so jealous of your tidy desk.  Mine at both work and home are threatening avalanches. Your trip sounds wonderful.  I've got my fingers crossed that I get there this year too so I will be watching your plans closely.  And welldone to the RPE girls, gorgeous work.

  13. I love the idea of you doing a trunk show for Victoria haahahahahaa

    It sounds like you're going to have an amazing trip, I'm jealous!


  14. London is fabulous!! try lunch at Maze by Gordon Ramsay,it,s in mayfair so close to the good shops.. Have a wonderful time there...
    I, read all your posts,and usually do,nt comment much but i LOVE London ;-)


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