Jan 12, 2012

MAC Memories. Breakfast at Tiffany's. I Love Next Direct.

It's amazing how the feel of a room changes completely just by moving the furniture around in it.

In a bid to create more space in the study, we shifted the desk to sit just under the window from the middle of the room and all of a sudden, both space and a sense of calm have been created.  Sitting by the open window with a breeze coming through over the ferns outside (and my lap top inside) as I work actually makes me want to spend time at my desk rather than getting away from it as soon as possible.  I wonder if this new set up in the study is good feng shui or whether it just feels good instinctively?

Sifting through all my clutter over the weekend unearthed a number of treasures.  Like a whole train case of MAC pigments.  Does anyone else remember or still use these?  I think they were worth their weight in gold at one time.  People would swap 1/4 teaspoon amounts and go nuts on Ebay for the rarer shades.  Which then got re-released officially - after large amounts of cash had already exchanged hands at auction.

My collection appear to still be in good nick.  The two in this photo are my all time favourites - Coco Beach and Fairylite.  I'm planning to reintroduce them (and their 10 siblings) into my makeup rota.  So you'll know why I may look a little iridescent in the coming weeks.

It's been a superb mail week.  First up - my Red Phoenix Emporium necklaces arrived.  It was so hard to choose from the Pop Collection, Willow and Lotus.

T - Target, chinos - GAP, belt - GAP, pendant T&Co..
This is the Breakfast at Tiffany's necklace.  Isn't the Tiffany blue to die for?  The mother of pearl discs make it a little bit different.  I think Holly Golightly would approve.  By the way, watch this blog on Monday for an exciting piece of Red Phoenix Emporium, Sydney Shop Girl and you news.  Have I given it away already?

The delivery bag looks like a sealed shopping bag. 
Speaking of things that Holly Golightly and hence Audrey Hepburn would approve of, I received part of my NextDirect order today - my cropped black trousers.  I am impressed and pleasantly surprised.  Super fast (and free shipping).  Nice packaging and a hanger as well.

And best of all - the fit and quality.  $39 AUD (full price) for lined, machine washable and neatly finished black cropped trousers.  The fabric is heavy, wasn't creased (despite the journey) and hung well.  To be honest, the fit was far more flattering than some of the high street brands in Australia that charge around $90 for unlined trousers.

I'm loving what I've seen of NextDirect so far.  My jeans are yet to arrive but I'll post about them when they do.

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I'm off to wait for a home delivery laksa.


  1. Your necklace is just such a gorgeous shade! Speaking of shades, I'm afraid the whole MAC pigments thing just passed me by... but I can absolutely relate to a room change!? x

  2. I cannot fathom that people would swap 1/4 teaspoons of make up. Though I did watch the Zoe Foster illuminator video on Mamamia today and it made me want to dab more than just vaseline on my face.
    I received a Next Direct catalogue today too. Strange..
    The pants look nice. And your RPE beads are lovely :)

  3. Thank you, Carly.

    You should look into NextDirect.  Some good stuff to be found.

    SSG xxx

  4. Room changes are good.  I'm a big fan of it now.

    SSG xxx

  5. oh nice to hear some postive feedback from Next Direct. When I was last in London didn't much like their clothes. But recently saw a dress that I really really like. So i might buy now!

  6. SSG I have the same necklace (Xmas present to self!) and it goes with everything. It is on high rotation this summer thats for sure.
    Kate Bx

  7. I've only just clicked into Next Direct for a squiz and I'm already wanting a lot of their stuff. What have you done SSG!??

  8. OMG I have been looking for cropped black pants. I don't suppose you could provide the details and a pic of the pants. Would be greatly appreciated x

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