Jan 17, 2012

SSG and Chobani Yogurt Talk Bone Health.

There's something decadent about having your Greek yogurt home delivered in its own bespoke cooler bag.

This week, Emily and Laura from Chobani Australia kindly arranged for this dairy care package to meet me at my front door.

A rainbow of yogurt cartons on my kitchen bench.

Chobani is currently America's number 1 selling yogurt and the brand has just launched in Australia.  It is currently only available through Woolworth's and the range includes a variety of fat free and 2% fat  flavours.  The tubs are 170g and retail for $2.29.  The current range of yogurt on sale here is made in the USA, the Chobani factory is based in Central New York.  That's a glamour pedigree right there, for you.

The yogurt is extremely thick but is certified gluten free.  It is also kosher.  There are no artificial sweeteners in the range.  The kilojoule content of a tub is in the range of 600 kj for most flavours.  A carton contains 156 mg of calcium, the RDI (recommended daily intake) for adult men and women (non menopausal) is around 1000 mg per day.  Oh my, is that the first time this blog has gone all sound nutritional advice on you?  I think it is.

Aside from being eaten on its own, many of the Chobani flavours do double duty as a cooking ingredient - mainly in baking and drinks.  There are a whole host of recipes on the website.  I'm quite curious to go out and buy the vanilla flavour as this forms the basis of a low fat recipe for pound cake and almond cookies, among a wide range of baked treats.

I was also interested to read that Chobani has a charity arm called Shepherd's Gift and that 10% of sales  profits go to a range of local and international projects that tackle hunger, victims of natural disaster and community sporting activities.

The passionfruit flavour was developed for the Australian market.
For a top selling yogurt, Chobani stands out from its competitors.  It does't have a runny consistency, the yogurt itself isn't super sweet and it has the tartness that I usually associate with more niche brands.

Pineapple - my favourite!
The fruit layer for the yogurts is at the base of the tub and is the rich proportion to be mixed in evenly for 'just enough' flavour.  I have psyllium with my yogurt most mornings and had no trouble mixing this in.  Chobani even disguised its taste (that I'm still getting used to).

But what does Mr SSG make of Chobani?  He tends to prefer natural yogurts over the diet/low fat multi packs I'm fond of buying.  Mr SSG Approves.  He was won over most by the texture and 'real' taste.

So I think it's unanimous.  100% of SSG Manor residents like Chobani yogurt and would go out of their way to find a Woolies to buy more.

Thank you again, Emily and Laura for giving this post 15.6% of its RDI of calcium and also for making me find out exactly what my RDI was anyway.


  1. Something GorgeousJanuary 17, 2012 at 7:49 AM

    Mmmm! Interesting! Ta! x

  2. So happy you enjoyed the special delivery! Thanks for sharing the Chobani story, and happy to hear even Mr. SSG approves of our 'nothing but good' cups! Cheers :)

  3. So glad I decided on buying a small tub of Farmers Union greek yoghurt this morning in woolies, I'll polish that off and try Chobani next - though I don't recall seeing in Parramatta. Will take a second look tomorrow =)

  4. Oooh, I love greek yoghurt.  And something full flavoured but low fat sounds brilliant.  I think I will be heading home via Woolworths.

  5. The Distressed MotherJanuary 17, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    Since taking up roller derby, I'm very conscious of my bones.  After injuring my tailbone, the x-rays discovered I should be taking extra care.  I don't know the difference between Greek and regular yoghurts, but will give this a go.

  6. Lorraine @ Not Quite NigellaJanuary 17, 2012 at 6:19 PM

    I thought that the yogurt had a nice thick texture but I wasn't so taken with the fruit flavours in them. 

  7. Thanks for the review, I'll give it a try..... Bad timing on reading this post, starving hungry on way home on bus!!! Stomach is cursing your descriptive yoghurt powers. L

  8. I tried one of the Chobani yogurts (vanilla flavour, I think) and while it was pretty good, I don't understand entirely why we are importing yogurt from the USA when we have a great dairy industry here! I've switched to Black Swan greek yogurt - their vanilla bean flavour is delicious and is made here in Australia. Double bonus!

  9. Hi, Elle! We look forward to producing locally very soon. Australia's passion for food and beautiful setting for producing our yogurt is what drew us in the 1st place. Happy to hear you enjoyed Vanilla!

  10. Wow, that's great! I think that would be a great step, producing the yogurt locally using Australian cows and milk to make the yogurt. I think that'd be a good move - looking forward to hearing more about it. 


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