Jan 3, 2012

SSG's Zara Home Giveaway.

And that's another Christmas and New Year's done and dusted.  Great while it lasted but now it's time to get back into your regular routine with work, the family and all those other commitments that miss you more than you miss them.

It's also been around 2 years here on the blog.  I know, how did we all survive?  And to have barely aged as well.

If all of the above isn't a good reason for another blog give-away, then I don't know what it.  My recent trip to Dubai seems to a be a gift that just keeps on giving.  I got heaps of good stuff, the blog got heaps of posts and you get a choice of the following from Dubai's Zara Home.  Exclusively chosen by me and flown across the seas and timezones in my over stuffed red suit case.

This blog is known for it's love of leopard and hot beverages so this set of 4 leopard print coasters was an obvious choice for the prize pool.

SSG Manor also loves a good tea towel.  I'm still bringing a freshly laundered one into work each week and I think I've saved at least a tree in the process.  The next prize is this pair of leopard print tea towels.

You can never have too many tea towels in a prize pool.  They're going to be big in 2012, let me tell you.  This design option is for those who don't love leopard as much as I do.  There's a neutral background and some interest with the coloured embroidery detail.  Hope it suits most kitchens.

All you need to do to enter is to:
- be a follower of the blog though Google Friend Connect or else @twitter (see the boxes on the right)
- send me an email sydneyshopgirl@hotmail.com with your follower name, which gift you'd like and a postal address.  If you're up to it, tell me how your day's going or whatever's on your mind.  Goodness knows, you've heard enough from me over the months.

Entries are open to everyone around the world and the closing date is FRIDAY JANUARY 13, 2012.

Best of luck and hope to see your entry soon.


  1. The Distressed MotherJanuary 3, 2012 at 9:40 AM

    oh fabo!  xx

  2. Joined your blog, you have some very Lovely things. Cheers  :)

  3. Leanne Shea LangdownJanuary 4, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    yay (rapid little hand clap with smile of glee).
    Love, love, love all things leopard ...

  4. Lovely giveaway, leopard print is fab and you can never have enough tea towels. I'm not entering this time around as I won the last one. Good luck everyone!


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