Feb 25, 2012

15 MInutes on A Saturday Morning. Off to Melbourne.

This is another one of those super early Saturday mounting posts.  I don't know where Friday night went, actually.  I turned in early after going down the road for Subway.  Mr SSG and I were not only the oldest patrons but also the ones with the most clothes on, it was Friday night after all.  I knew I should have just turned up in my pyjamas, like I do in winter.  Then I dozed off while trying to watch Glee.  And now, here I am.

I've got 15 minutes to spare before I head for the airport.  There's SBS Chill on the radio and I've been chilling out accordingly as I attempt to harness all the illuminating powers of the make up at my disposal to make myself at least look awake.  There's no time for an outfit post but I think I'll do for airport to city to conference on a stinking hot Saturday in Melbourne.

It won't be all work.  I'm going to be catching up with some dear friends tonight.  We will try not to to discuss Kevenge or Spillard but they're unavoidable at the moment in Australia, aren't they?  I was at work early yesterday, following the live feeds and analysis as it unfolded.  There's nothing like a bit of therapy via press conference, I reckon.  I also don't think there's a skeleton left in the ALP's closet.  There has well and truly been catharsis.

I'll be back home Sunday night and hopefully will have some time to blog then.  I'm sure I will, actually.  I only have two (2) days of work next week before jetting off again and just the thought of that already fills me with energy.

Take care and have a lovely weekend.  I'm off to the airport in search of coffee....


  1. Who knows what on earth is going on with Australian politics right now! One drama after another isn't it!  I reckon the parties should stop fighting and get on with running the country! Hope you have a lovely trip to Melbourne- you've got great weather for it anyhow!


  2. Hope you have a great trip to Melbourne - the politics are crazy at the moment, you're right! I wonder what the outcome will be.


  3. Hope your trip going well - sorry that it's so HOT here at the moment! Weather crazy in Melbourne today... ! x 


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