Feb 4, 2012

Brunch and Bathroom News. Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills.

When I left you the other day, this is how the shower looked.

It now looks like this.

All it took was a change of shower screen to let in some light and to create a sense of space.  The bath tub is now practically begging to be filled with water and bath oil.  Look at how much less shower screen there is to clean each week!

I know you're dying to know how I Macgyevered my way through the lack of functioning shower for 36 hours problem.  I could have bird bathed in the laundry or sprayed myself with Evian but it was Friday night after a long week and I needed a hot shower to unwind more than anything else.

So Mr SSG and I had a Friday night getaway in our own city at the Four Points by Sheraton in Darling Harbour.

Miraculously I packed on the lighter side of usual.  Unfortunately, this meant that I forgot my mouthwash.  I've never been more relieved to find hotel mouthwash in my life.

The hotel also has an excellent 24 hour gym which was very popular this weekend due to all that rain that washed over Sydney.

The usual Saturday am line beginning to form out the front of Bourke Street Bakery.
The gym was popular with me because I needed a good work out (or two) in order to do Mr SSG and my first visit to the original Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills justice.

Bourke Street on a Saturday morning is a very happy place to be indeed.

Even if you are working the weekend, it's hard not to relax a little as you reach the threshold of the tiny bakery / cafe.

Bourke Street's chocolate tart, rhubarb and apple tart and yours truly....
It's standing room only inside the bakery and decisions have to me made quickly at the counter.  So it's just as well there were cakes on display in the front window to help me plan my order.

It was mainly sweet things, breads and quiches available at the time we were there (9am).  The pies and rolls tend to make their appearance later in the day.

Most of the seating is outdoors on the sidewalk but there were a few seats inside.

Though these were filled as soon as they were vacated.

Just above the barista's station is a range of Bourke Street goods - the official cook book of the bakery and sour dough bread crumbs made from the house bread.

Everywhere I looked there were more tempting treats, most around the $4 mark.

Macadamia and honey sticky buns.
My order placed, it was time to pop outside and get a table by the street.

And settle in for an hour or two.

Honestly, it was to tranquil and my fellow brunchers so languid, I could have stayed where I was the whole day.  I know I was in hipster central today but there was such a sense of live and let live around me, it mattered not that I was the only person there rocking navy track pants and running shoes.

The coffees were excellent.  I started with an apple and rhubarb muffin.  It was just the right size and the batter was dense and moist.  There were generously large chunks of apple and rhubarb throughout the whole muffin and the dusting of icing sugar was just enough to add a little sweetness to complement the natural flavour of the fruit.

We couldn't keep away from the pan au chocolate long enough for it to be photographed so here it is with a few bite marks for interest.  Buttery light pastry and a rich chocolate filling, just the thing to go with my no added Equal coffee.

The rhubarb and almond tart was housed in a light short crust pastry and in hindsight, I don't think one was enough.  Mr SSG's favourite was the pan au raisin.

With the rain apparently done for the day, we sat a while longer after finishing our spoils.  Just watching the world go by.  Which is generally a very interesting and colourful experience in Surry Hills.

I couldn't leave without some take home bread, a wholemeal sourdough which is going to have a starring role in dinner tonight and possibly breakfast tomorrow if there's any left over.

It was barely 24 hours away from home but it did feel like a little holiday.  How else can I explain my renewed zeal for doing the housework on the first sunny Saturday afternoon we've had here in a while?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  1. LOVE the facelift!!! It looks so light and spacious now!!! This is the second time I've read about the BSB this week, something tells me I will have to visit it when we are in Sydney next. It looks gorgeous! xox

  2. I love the colour splash thingy with your new camera - that is a fantastic picture of the bikes.

    Bourke St Bakery looks amazing - I have the recipe book and really should make some goodies.

    And your shower looks great - you are right - less cleaning and more light. Very pretty!

  3. The Distressed MotherFebruary 4, 2012 at 8:47 PM

    Bath looks fab!  I've been eyeing off a bath caddy at Howard's.  It can hold a book and wineglass safe and dry while you bathe.  

    What setting do you use to get the colour thingy? I'm wondering if my camera does the same.

    TDM xx 

  4. Thank you, TDM!

    I use one of the picture effect options, the partial colour with green / red / yellow etc 

    SSG xxx

  5. Thanks Carly.

    Let me know how you find the recipes in the book.

    SSG xxx

  6. Mez,  
    You need to get there ASAP!   There are a few around Sydney actually.

    SSG xxx

  7. The shower screen change made such a huge difference.  It opened the whole area up and I agree the bath looks much more inviting..

    So glad you had a lovely night away.  Little treats like that are good for the soul.

  8. Mmmm pastries, my ultimate weakness.  What a gorgeous bakery, I love Surry Hills.

    Your bathroom looks great.  I changed my shower screens a couple of years ago, it is amazing how much more modern and brighter a clear glass screen makes a bathroom.

  9. They have those bath caddies on special at Aldi's for $20 I think, looks pretty good. I would say Howard's would be more expensive?

  10. I'd love to have that bakery in my neighborhood.

    I really like your bathroom either way. It looks bright and cheery and it has a very vintage homemaker appeal.


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