Feb 2, 2012

A Fresh Pair of Eyes.

I've just got myself a fresh pair of eyes through which to view the world.

Cameras are so hard to photograph.  But I just wanted to show you how tiny the body of the camera is.  It's about the size of my iPhone.  It's the lens that gives it heft.  
Say hello to my new Sony NEX-C3 (link is to quite a comprehensive review) - the last hurrah purchase permitted under my own rules for Frugal February.  I've joined the world of compact system cameras because my DSLR was just getting too big and obvious to be lugging around the world and its restaurants (someone in this room has tickets on themselves).  I've also decided that since I'll never be an iPad person, it's perfectly fine for me to have two cameras instead.  Logic is such an individual thought process.  Which is something I hope Mr SSG will agree with should he first hear about my new toy through this blog.

No surprises that I bought mine at Costco for $750 as a kit that included 2 lenses - 16mm prime and an 18 - 55mm zoom.  It also came with a very nifty bag and a 4G memory card.  It is a 16.2 megapixel camera and the images are gorgeous.  The body of the camera weighs around 230grams!!  Just looking at it now, it would easily fit into most of my handbags, even with the largest lens attached.

The camera is so easy to use and I'm loving the fancy shooting options built into the camera.  For all you photography fiends, all the usual shooting modes are also present as well as exposure compensation (my favourite DSLR trick).  There is an external flash (included in the box) that you need to attach manually to the camera and there is the option to also attach an old school view finder (not included).  The user interface is very easy to navigate but it isn't touch screen if that's your thing.  The Sony also doesn't have that irresistible retro design of the competing Ricoh or Pentax compacts but it is a solid make and the lenses have a substantial weight to them.  It is interesting though that this camera seems noticeably slower than my DSLR or point and shoot.

Battery life appears to be a shortcoming in this class of camera so I took the liberty of ordering some generic back ups on Ebay for around $8 each.  The lenses are 49mm in diameter and filters can again be cheaply bought on Ebay to protect them.  I like to be over prepared when it comes to travelling with cameras.

With a new camera literally in the palm of one hand, just what have I been snapping today?  My everyday world but with some pretty cool shifts in colour.  I'm obsessed with the partial colour tone shooting modes in the Picture Effect mode.  It makes the world so more is more.  A maxim that never fails to cheer me up when life is a bit too hectic and busy.

Black and white mode with green partial colour.
One of my pot plants at the office.  So much greener than in real life.

Colour polarisation.
Outside my window.  Much more edgy than in real life.

Another black and white photo, this time with yellow partial colour.
We've been distant for a while but today I welcomed my claw hair grip back into my life.  It was almost like we'd never been apart really.  My hair's just touching my shoulders now and that's about the right length for an up do of sorts as far as my claw is concerned.

Black and white mode, red partial colour.  I wish there was pink partial colour too, all the better for appreciating those fine pink uggs of mine.

This is not a sight you'd expect to see in a Sydney summer.  Flannel pyjamas and ugg boots.  At least I've not got my infamous Explorer socks on as well.

I'd best get to bed now, I think.  I'm off on a little adventure tomorrow night.  Which involves a bit of packing.  Which I think I will do tomorrow because ..... drum roll please ..... I have a late start at work tomorrow.



  1. Oh love this - I found a PINK one on Amazon for $499 - http://www.amazon.com/Sony-Compact-Interchangeable-Digital-18-55mm/dp/B0054I54FO/

  2. The Distressed MotherFebruary 2, 2012 at 10:02 PM

    Enjoy!  I have the Nex-5 and love it.  Takes brilliant pics, without the drama of a DLSR.

    TDM xx 

  3. What a cute camera. Yes, I realise that's probably not the best word to use but I do believe it's actually cute! I can't wait to see all of your amazing photos. 

  4. How exciting! I'm looking to get a new camera soon too :) xx

  5. A post about a new camera and pink uggs...does it get any better!
    Researching camera equipment is confusing so thanks for this rundown SSG. I'm sure you will have hours of fun and be sure to give us another review down the track.

  6. LOVE the partial colour mode - how cool. Great shots...you're going to have some much fun getting to know Mr Sony NEX. 

  7. Wow, what a bargain!  And I love that partial colour mode, really cool!

    I too have retrieved my ugg boots from under the bed.  This is possibly the most disappointing summer ever!


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