Feb 18, 2012

The Housework. It's Done. Already.

It's been a historic Saturday here at SSG Manor.

A non fashion, non cosmetic, non me related parcel.  In the hallway of SSG Manor, no less.
Not only was this the first parcel I'd ever received from Tradelink.

You can tell that this handy towel rail and shelf combo is in my bathroom and not in a hotel by the way that towel is hanging in a rather slap dash manner.
It was also the answer to the great towel rail shortage in the bathroom.  It's taken my 5 years to sort this out but if it's worth doing, it's worth doing when it can be put off no longer.   I know many people seek home improvement inspiration from interior design magazines and the style of respected interior designers and happily spend hours visiting specialist suppliers for that perfect fitting.  I found my inspiration in the plain chrome towel shelves you often see in older hotel bathrooms and online with the  Google search term 'towel+rail+online+Sydney'.  There is now nothing left in the bathroom that needs to be replaced.  Unless you count the towels.  Which I'm quite happy to shop for seeing as so many of my etail haunts do homewares in addition to fashion.

The most traumatic domestic duties dispensed with, it was time for me to get my leopard print on and get some bulk cooking done.  I'm going to be out of town from next weekend onwards and it's beyond me to leave without leaving a full freezer behind.  Mostly because it's nice to have something to quickly reheat when you're trying to simultaneously unpack, do the laundry and get ready for work on returning home from a trip.

Bolognese sauce is my favourite thing to make before going away.  It freezes well and it uses up vegetables that would otherwise go to waste in the fridge.

Needless to say, I had to make the bolognese in my trusty cherry red Le Creuset.  Most of the ingredients for my bolognese may come from jars and cans but cooking them in a heavy cast iron pot convinces me that I'm not taking as many short cuts as I actually am.

I have a bolognese tip for you.  Worcestershire Sauce.  It even says so on the bottle.  You need 2 tablespoons per serve.  I added mine in the 2 hour simmer stage.  I also add a little balsamic vinegar to the browned onions.

I'm on a high sushi diet at the moment.  Just in case I can't afford it in London.

I don't have a good excuse for the Tim Tam afternoon tea.  My brother left an open packet in the fridge and they're too tempting to ignore.

And that's where I'll leave you today.  I'm off to rest on my laurels.  Did I mention that I've also done my ironing and cleaning for the weekend too?  And you've not even started yours?  I'm really going away now.  Promise.


  1. You sound so busy, I glanced guiltily at the massive pile of ironing waiting for me as I read this! haha! Hope you can enjoy Sunday and relax, as you've done all the hard work today!


  2. I admire your smugness ;)
    I have done three loads of washing including my quilt, baked a cake, made lunch and dinner from scratch, done two loads of dishes, changed my bedding, written an article (in my head) and booked a flight to London. Impressive :)

  3. Very efficient, SSG! hope you're relaxing in amongst all that productivity xx

  4. I've never put Wostershire in our Bolognase... we're making it tonight... Hamish probably will say no to putting it in but I might SNEAK it in bwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaahahaa

  5. You are so very organised, I need to borrow some of your domestic prowess!!

    I'm running a giveaway if you'd like to enter: Jewellery Giveaway! {>

  6. You have done your ironing - oh I hate you a little bit right now.  I have two giant baskets full waiting at home.


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