Feb 16, 2012

Keeping Ship Shape. Eau De Vinegar.

Good morning!  

And it really is a good morning.  I've got a late start and my meeting is only a 15 minute drive from home.  Which means my chances of encountering the Pacific Highway are zero.  There's something bad in the tea leaves for the Pacific Highway this week.  I've been stuck for 38 minutes at the same section before the railway line two days in a row already this week because major traffic accidents have happened there on two consecutive days.  What are the horrible chances of that?  Thankfully, there were no fatalities but there are times when the traffic in Sydney brings me to tears.

Which somehow brings me to the subject of morning blogging.  I've got an hour so lets see how far I get.

It's been busy.  Capital B busy, in fact.  That trip to London isn't just going to be a holiday but also a life saving intervention.  I'm almost on top of everything that needs to be done before then so my focus now is keeping things on an even keel.  By wearing lots of blue and white and thinking nautical.  Geddit?  I'm laughing out loud for you. 

Dress - Brooks Brothers, belt - Louis Vuitton, bangle - Forever 21, study - a mess.
Yesterday saw me dust off this old favourite, my Brooks Brothers non iron shirt dress.  Which I artfully accessorised with an off white bangle and belt.  I am deeply relieved that I'm wearing the off white belt because I was afraid it was going to end up being one of those expensive impulse buys bought with great expectations of going with everything but not really doing so in the cold light of day.  I bought it last year at the infamous Louis Vuitton Drinks Do in May when I was feeling very 'fashion' and full of love for Veuve Rose.  I think I may have to do more belt shopping under such ideal conditions in the very near future.

Dress - Target, necklaces - I'm a SSG Too and FF Leo by Red Phoenix Emporium, bangle - Forever 21, room - STILL a mess (must rectify before mum comes over tomorrow).
Today sees the nautical theme continue.  Witness the excellence that is Target new season ladies wear at the moment.  This shift dress cost $49 full price - well within the Frugal February price range.  It's such a mild summer in Sydney at the moment that I can get away with wearing 3/4 sleeves.

A crisp morning + a couple of hours up those 3/4 sleeves = morning walk to Mr SSG's bus stop.

And a coffee to take home and sip as I blog.

In the remaining 22 minutes before my late start begins, I'm just going to have to share with you my house keeping obsession.  That I even have an obsession that relates to keeping house is a concern but these are interesting times in my world and Australia at large for that matter.  Parliament can debate the implications of means testing the private health insurance rebate (and how they will pick up the pieces when the public system collapses under increased demand and pressure) but I have bigger fish to fry.  Namely the new glass shower screen and how to keep it spotless.

I've found the secret.  A regular spray of vinegar.

I'm so transfixed by my new spotless shower screen that I've taken to spraying the glass twice a day, leaving vapours of vinegar in the air and a feeling that SSG Manor has become a fish and chippery.  Does anyone have any shower screen cleaning secrets that aren't so aromatic?


  1. I am similarly obsessed with Exit Mould for its bathroom cleaning properties... not much help because our bathroom just smells like a pool all the time!

    Love the shift dress and the inspired pairing of the FF Leo and SSG necklace - two of my favourite bloggers in the one place!!

  2. I love the shift dress too.  Would look fabulous with a skivvy under it.

    I use vinegar on my kitchen bench twice a day.  Haven't found anything else that works as well (plus it's cheap!)

  3. I never knew about vinegar, I'm going to give it a go this afternoon...

    Love the polkadot dress! Perfect for high tea on Sunday! :)


  4. SSG I love the Target dress! I never go to Target but my girlfriends often find great things there. That dress is totally perfect as workwear for me. Will go have a look tonight!!

  5. Love the Target dress - will be checking it out on the weekend.
    My go to shower and shower glass cleaner is a paste made of bi carb, vinegar & a little dishwashing liquid. Smear it on, wash it off and the surface will be sparkling. I love how there are no fumes etc with this also.

  6. I'm loving the nautical look!

    My shower screen trick does involve vinegar but it is great - even works for caked on stuff.  Mix together bi-carb soda and washing up detergent to a thick crumbly paste.  Add in enough vinegar to make a spreadable paste (it will fizz).  Use a soft cloth to smear it on then polish off.  Amazing results.

  7. CLR. Ahh-mazing on shower glass. Learnt that from my very beloved cleaning lady about 10 years ago. So easy that when she retired I decided I could do it myself!

  8. What a good buy that blue and white number is! And you look gorgeous. I use an orange spray... will just go and check the name.. Hang on. 
    It's "Orange Power" by Planet Ark - a natural ( sort of , I'd imagine) concoctioin. Its a shower, bath and tile cleaner.  However I rather like the sound and frugality of the vinegar spray especially if it works so well! x 

  9. Love that target shift dress!

    I like the vinegar tip on the shower but I can't stand the smell so it doesn;t work too well for us - I rotate between different cleaners at the moment but ever since they stopped selling that "method" green and earth friendly one at Woolies I've never found anything as good.

  10. SSG, you enabler you! I'm fighting the urge to go to Target for that shift dress!

  11. Cant. Stop. Thinking. Of. The. Target. Dress.

    Even though I should be thinking of saving for London and NYC. Seriously SSG. You have put impure thoughts into my head ;)

  12. Thanks for all the shower screen tips, everyone!

    Much appreciated.

    SSG xxx

  13. For the shower - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber.  It's amazing! 


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