Feb 6, 2012

Monday Night Missoni. Monday Afternoon Madge.

And that's another action packed Monday at work done and dusted.  They just seem to fly past these days.  Just where does all the time on Mondays go?  One minute I'm jubilant at beating the morning peak hour and the next I'm stuck defeatedly in the afternoon city bound crawl.  At least my good friends at DHL seemed to have negotiated the Monday traffic successfully.  My Gilt Groupe order was waiting for me when I finally got home this evening.

Remember my post a few weekends back about the wonder of guilt free Missoni at Gilt?

Well, my wool knit ponchos arrived today.  Ponchos plural because how can you stop at one when you're being offered Missoni at a fraction of the price of Country Road?

This black and white fringed number was also a big hit with The Distressed Mother and Faux Fuchsia. In fact, I have FF to thank for drawing my attention to Gilt in the first place.  This winter, the three of us will have to find a day to synchronise ponchos.  I nominate a Saturday, ladies.  We could all wear them to brunch in our respective suburbs perhaps?  And take action shots as we sip our coffees of choice.

Missoni does have the tendency to look like an oversized tea cosy (or 'reworked hippy stuff' in the words of Mr SSG) when its on the floor so I apologise on behalf of my floorboards.  It was just too warm this evening for me to model woollens.  I'm planning to bring both of these to London.  If need be, I'm sure I can layer them on top of each other if it gets too cold.  I think I was being serious there.

Missoni excitement aside, tonight was also the one Monday night of the year that I voluntarily sit myself down in front of ESPN HD to watch my recording of the Super Bowl.

I have no idea what the rules of American football are but I'm fascinated by the pre game ceremony and the minutiae of the action on the sidelines.  There were live crosses to American armed forces stationed around the world who were watching the game.  The national anthem was sung by an ex American Idol and God Bless America was sung by country and western singers.  I heard that there was passionate national debate about what colour jerseys the New England Patriots should wear for this game.  Apparently leaving the presidential candidate analysis in the shade for quite a while.  This is clearly a sporting event that seems to unite Americans from all walks of life and from all over the world.

Non Americans like myself spend hours before game night googling the famous Half Time Ads as they aren't actually shown in the Australian broadcast.  My favourite this year was Matthew Broderick revisiting his Ferris Bueller days for Honda.  Watching the ad made me wistful, happy and a little sad.  Has it really been 26 years since Ferris Bueller's Day Off was released?  Again I ask, where did all the time go?  It's not just Matthew Broderick that's aged and grown up over the intervening years, we've aged with him.

Image courtesy of www.businessinsider.com
But it was the half time show that really blew my mind away.  Madonna, you are a legend.  You may look a little scary sometimes in your paparazzi shots these days but woman, you can still dazzle an all ages crowd with some pretty fine reworks of your hits from over the decades.  From gladiator to cheerleader, every one of your outfits dazzled.  I also admire your ability to perform in those stiletto boots.  Unlike the Ferris Bueller's of the world, you've barely aged.


  1. The Distressed MotherFebruary 6, 2012 at 9:49 PM

    Can't wait to workshop the Missoni poncho! Defs up for action shots. Clever you getting two.  Just checked delivery status. "Clearance processing complete at Brisbane".  My Monday has been incredibly loooong.  Massive phenergan hangover. I napped in a darkened classroom on my break.

    TDM xxx 

  2. I was obsessed with Madonna's hair - she must have extensions or a weave in there, it is just so gorgeous looking.  Also I am mightily impressed with her knees, mine were aching just watching her bounce up and down, it was a great show.

  3. Bueller... Bueller...

    Love that ad.

    K xx


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