Feb 5, 2012

The Return of the Sun.

What about this sun, Sydney?  For a while there it was looking as if it had packed its bags and left is for good.  The rain has finally stopped in Sydney and colour has returned to the sky and our streets.  Even the laundry smells and feels sun kissed.

I went for a walk around Surry Hills yesterday after brunch.  After weeks of having the bleak weather colour everything grey, seeing the world bathed in sun was like viewing it in technicolour.

The rain left behind this camouflage effect on the bark of a tree.

Everything's just more colourful in Surry Hills.  Even the bike paths have a yellow honeycomb painted over them where simple white stripes would have done in other suburbs.

The streetscape is dominated by the colour and character of the terraces that peep out between the arching trees that rustle gently in the breeze.

It's not always a suburb that's car friendly, those vehicles able to find themselves a place to be parked seem a little self conscious in an area that's definitely kinder to pedestrians.

On foot, the hidden side streets and unexpected paved open areas are much easier to discover.

Walking at an easy pace allows you to be in the moment.  To notice that red door on your right.

And that cafe up ahead with the lemon over its awning.

The everyday world gets lifted out of the ordinary when the sun returns after a prolonged absence.


  1. It's pouring and grey in Melbourne now huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Looks like a gorgeous day, perfect for a walk! How nice the sun came out :)


  3. I love the effects your camera makes :) But it is the photographer who has the skill :)

    Surrey Hills looks lovely. I dont know whether the Surrey Hills in Melbourne is quite as trendy...

  4. Love the photos. The honeycomb bus path is pretty cool!

  5. I love going walking through different suburbs. It's like taking a little holiday from your life. All those new and interesting things to see!

    K xx

  6. I actually got slightly sunburnt on Saturday, such was my surprise at having sun in this summer.

    Love your photos of Surry Hills, it is such a great suburb.

  7. Great to see sunshine back in your life!  I love Surry Hills, always nice to visit there when I am visiting Sydney.

  8. lovely lovely lovely.

    And I love laundry dried on the line especially during a sunny windy day. Laundry just smells and feels so good.


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