Feb 1, 2012

Sydney's 24 Hour Summer. Trying To Be A Beauty MacGyver.

Sydney's one and only summer's day.
There was that day this week where the temperature hit the mid 30s and it appeared that summer had finally arrived in Sydney.  I was all set for it too.  I dusted off my little white fan and set it on my desk and even turned it on a few times during the day.  I'm beginning to think that I was being a bit premature and hopeful now and that I'll have to dig out the heater for the rest of the week.  It's crazy to be wearing cardigans in the height of summer.  Not to mention having wintery foods for dinner.  Then again, I do have a low threshold for breaking out the lamb cutlets from the freezer.

At least we have summer fruit to remind us of the season we're meant to be in.  The stone fruit of the week at SSG Manor is currently the peach.  We will be moving back to cherries for the weekend.

SSG, hair MacGyver.

Seeing as its officially the start of Frugal February and some of you are also planning to start a month of low spending yourselves, I thought I might write about a haircare article I was reading in InStyle other week.  My hair has grown out a fair bit and I'm trying to embrace everything I loathe about it:
- its thickness and weight
- its stubborn waves that never 'frame and flatter the angles of my face' the way hairdressers say they should
- but mostly the fact that it is I that needs to style it everyday and not someone else like a personal hairdresser who could power blow dry it for me on a second daily basis.

The InStyle 'Beauty MacGyver' article was about cheap hair care tricks and it was the ready availability of the cheap tricks that caught my attention.  Did you know that great things can be done to your hair with a toothbrush and hair spray?  The theory is that the size and density of the bristles on a toothbrush make it the perfect vehicle for precision hairspray application.  Isn't that your biggest issue with hairspray too?  The idea is to use the toothbrush technique to finesse a pony tail or up do so that your hair looks sleek and stays that way all day.

It wouldn't do to test a MacGyver trick under my normal work conditions.  I needed a test situation with more movement and physical exertion.  So I did my hair especially for this evening's pre dinner run.  It was just as well I made an effort.  Some youngsters at the bus stop were draped in the Australian flag as they made their way to the cricket and parents doing the school run on foot were still in their work clothes.

Anyway.  My hair did well during the run.  My pony tail managed to stay rather sleek and my usual fly aways were notably absent.   If even my hair can be MacGyvered with a toothbrush, all things are possible.


  1. Sorry if anyone's having problems commenting through Disqus.  Just checking that it's working with this comment.

    Will try and sync blogger comments again too.  

    SSG xxx

  2. What a great idea to try. BTW to help with Frugal Friday why not jump over to our blog for our great giveaway,,,,

  3. But won't you waste hairspray by aiming and spraying at that little toothbrush?

  4. What I wouldn't give for some warmer temperatures! It's really freezing here, and the bathroom oven gave up some time during the night, which means I had to face a cold bathroom at 6.30 in the morning - not the best start of my day! Great tip with the toothbrush and hairspray, I'm definitely going to need it soon as I'm growing my hair out:)

  5. The Distressed MotherFebruary 2, 2012 at 9:19 PM

    Apparently there is no end to the goodness of a toothbrush.

    TDM xx 


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