Feb 17, 2012

Take and Bake Pizza.

Happy Friday!

It's been one of those days where the working day just went as it should.  No nasty surprises.  Just progress and action.  Why can't Fridays always be like this?  My mum has just arrived from Perth and it's going to be lovely for my brother and I to have the weekend with her.  She's spent today pottering around China Town and is on her way back to the house.  I'm not sure if she's mentally prepared for the traffic but I will have a nourishing bowl of laksa waiting for her.  Courtesy of our local Chinese home delivery.

SSG Manor has been easing into the weekend since Thursday night, if truth be told.  From the time I made the unilateral decision that Costco bake at home pizza would be on the table for dinner.

If there can be anything wrong with Costco's pizzas, it's how huge they are.  1.4kg of huge, to be precise.  For the princely sum of $14.95.  Mr SSG and I were making all sorts of engineering decisions as to how and if the whole pizza could fit into our oven and we finally found a way to do it.

We ended up chopping the pizza in half and baking each half on a foil lined tray.

We've done this 2 weeks running now, with great results.  Which just about makes it a patented idea, in my book.

I think a weekly bake at home pizza from Costco is going to be a new tradition at SSG Manor.  One pizza feeds 3 adults for dinner or 2 plus breakfast for whoever gets up the earliest the next day.  The crust is light and not too thick or bready.  The toppings are fresh and generous.  They also taste like real foods.  If Dominos and the like have put you off cheap pizzas, then regain some hope with the Costco range.

There are 4 different varieties on sale, one of which is vegeterian.  There's enough cheese without the whole pizza drowning in grease and the tomato paste is generously applied.  As far as I can tell, the bake at home flavours are different to the cooked pizzas you buy whole or by the slice at the Costo cafe.

I may hate Dominos pizza but there are elements of their pizzas that I still like.  The use of barbecue sauce as a topping being the main one.  I also add some chilli flakes.

I then go into complete denial with a large side serve of an undressed green salad.  At least it's healthier than garlic bread!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.  I'm off to high tea with a group of lovely Sydney bloggers.  It will be Fashion and Fun and Fabulous!

Take care.


  1. I have a sneaky love for dominos BBQ sauce. With double pepperoni.

    Enjoy your afternoon tea.

    K xx

  2. Yum that pizza looks so delicious! What a nice tradition to start :)


  3. omg I haven;'t had pizza in SO long.. I looooooooove pizza... sigh.


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