Feb 14, 2012

The V Day Von Follies.

There was a good reason I stopped having a liquid lunch of a 600ml Coke Zero in the spring of 2006 and I rediscovered it today.  I don't know how I ever drank a whole bottle in one go back in the day.  I tried it again today and had to brush my teeth immediately afterward.  I could practically feel my tooth enamel eroding.  

It was a good idea at the time, a little something to keep me going on a day that's been one errand after the next.  Most of which were outdoors, on foot - which made them all the more trying.  I'm pretty sure I gave myself heat stroke, it was the first day this summer I'd been out and about in the summer sun.  I'm hoping that I will be rewarded by a light tan for my efforts when I look in the mirror tomorrow.  

But I couldn't say no to vanilla flavoured Coke Zero, now could I?  Especially when it was a 2 for $5 deal at Coles.  I could go on and on about my dental misadventures with Coke Zero but I won't.  It's Valentine's Day after all.  Which isn't a day I find particularly auspicious but we are also halfway through Frugal February and what better day of the month to have an official leave pass from frugality on?

The full details of today's escape from frugality will be the subject of future posts but let the record show that I admit to Gilt as well as a trip to my local (to work) Target which always has plenty of everything in my size (unlike the Targets local to home).

Okay. Not sure how I'm sold on this but Designers for Target this month is all about smalls.  Dita Von Teese's smalls to be precise.  The collection is called Von Follies.  I think it's the first time Target Australia has done a Designers For range solely focussed on lingerie.  It is a gamble and it is different to their previous collaborations.  For me, the whole idea of the ranges was the opportunity to own a chain store interpretation of a designer's look and a lingerie line just doesn't seem that exciting or inspiring to me.  But then again, I'm all about comfort, seamless under clothes and machine washing when it comes to under garments.

There was still quite a range of sizes and styles available today.  The bras are $39.95 and briefs under $30 from memory.  The collection is very Dita, lots of black with animal print here and bows there.  I'm beginning to wonder, actually, whether this is meant to be one of those underwear as outwear things.  Just an idle thought.

It did look very striking and non Target on the rack but no, I wasn't game enough to try anything on.  Did you pick up anything from the range?

Before I sign off for the night, this is my little Feb 14th gift from Mr SSG courtesy of Guide Dogs Australia.  The association was doing a public awareness campaign in the city today and were giving these stuffed toys out.  Will you look at those eyes and that slightly cocked head?


  1. I love Mr SSG's present to you. I wonder if the Dita range will be available at a Target in Newcastle. x 

  2. I got the leopard bra and undies. I have massive cans and they're very very flattering on. Love that they go up to an E cup! Very happy with my purchase x

  3. Love the little gift! Happy Valentine's day :)

    I haven't seen the Dita range in my target I should check it out :)


  4. I love vanilla coke, but I can't always get it at my local store, and I guess that's a good thing:)

  5. Oooh never tried Vanilla coke - perhaps I should ?  Saw the Dita undies in Target - not sure really though I am fond of a large knicker ;-) rather than a little itsy one and there were plenty of large in the range. Love the cute Valentine gift you recieved.  So sweet. x

  6. I got the teal and black bra and three types of the knickers.  All seem very comfy and well made for the price, I'm usually very snobbish about underwear.  My other half also seemed very impressed with them, but maybe not for the same reason!


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