Apr 11, 2012

Going One D.

There was only One Direction I was headed this afternoon.  And that was straight home, to bed.  With a head cold.

Scarf - JayJays, T - CK at Costco, sweater - Ralph Lauren.

I thought I'd beaten the elements wearing this knitted scarf around my neck yesterday but sadly it was not the case.  The cold and the general busyness of the last few weeks have done their worst.

And here I am.  At home with the Butter Menthols and the closest I'll get those young men from One Direction - through the pages of New Idea.  Even Mr SSG got closer to the action than I did.  Apparently there were tweens and not so tweens all over Martin Place and the CBD in general from the very early hours.  Getting between hard working city folk and their favourite baristas and adding several decibels to the acceptable sound limit for the area.  I don't actually know what the band looks like and don't really know what they're famous for.

Was it only this time 2 years ago that I faithfully researched just who Justin Bieber was when he caused mayhem in those very same streets of the CBD?  Back then, I'd actually heard the music and could recognise the teen heart throb if pressed.  It also so innocent back in 2010.  All the girls could do for the news crews was scream, cry and hyperventilate.  The sound grabs from today went into explicit detail about what the fans would do should a defenceless One Direction band member come their way....

Image from blogmedia.jaludo.com
Time really does fly.  Mr Bieber's practically at retirement age now and settled down with a nice young girl, Selena Gomez. Who was in Monte Carlo, a film I caught on the plane home from London.  It was actually lots of fun with strong acting from Selena, and Leighton Meister.

Image from modoration.com
It didn't get great reviews but it was just the film for a 14 hour flight.  If I recall correctly, I was eating sorbet after my weird hour of the morning snack of lobster and Moet.  Why isn't Gold Class on the ground as good?

So in a roundabout way, I guess you know I'm home sick.  With only the internet, memories and my work phone to keep me company until Mr SSG comes home and we microwave some soup for dinner.  Don't get me started on the work phone.  Why is it that I'm both too old to care much about One Direction and too young to text on a keypad based Nokia?  The numbers don't quite add up.  It took me half an hour to send a message and even then I couldn't put any full stops in it.

Frosty Fruits are more healthy than I thought they were.  Look at all the health benefits on the box - fat free, real fruit juice and free of artificial additives to boot.  

Keeping my fluid intake up isn't going to as complicated, thank goodness.  When I get bored of water, I've got Frosty Fruits and jelly cups ready to go.

I've set up a hot honey and lemon bar in the kitchen.

Home made LemSip.

And I'm in control of the remote for tonight!

Take care everyone and stay healthy!


  1. Get better soon! I'm sure you've heard One Direction's songs on the radio - they're everywhere! And their film clip is pretty cute too haha! X

  2. Feel better soon lovely! 

    I just asked on FB is it weird I have no idea who One Direction {s?} are? Perhaps not after all. 

  3. Oh no hope you feel better soon! I have no idea who this one direction are either...lots of screaming crying girls on tv last night waiting at the airport for them. odd. Get well soon and enjoy your afternoon and evening in!


  4. Hope you feel better soon. I first heard of One Direction today when I could hear the screaming teens in the city. I guess they don't play them on Triple J.

  5. love the scarf!
    hoping for your better health=)

  6. I have no idea who One Direction are either - in fact I only ever heard of them today! I really miss phones with actually keypads...guess I a tad older than you.

  7. I hope you feel better soon, SSG. I am also suffering a bug at the moment, so have tucked myself in bed with the laptop for company. xx

  8. Get better soon SSG :) unfortunately this weather is probably making you feel 10 times worse. Another freezing night here.. I'm all rugged up and still cold! X

  9. Oh no, make sure you keep taking care of yourself hun! I am LOVING that scarf, I may just have to go out and get one just like it! Hope you feel better soon! xx

  10. Hope you are feeling better SSG.  Home-made lemsip is the best.  My mix is lemon, ginger, garlic and honey.  Works wonders plus keeps any lurking vampires away.  Hugs to you.

  11. And me too SSG - felt awful when I woke up on Wednesday morning and feeling very sorry for myself as 'home alone' - Mr SE at conference all week. Going to try your home made lemsip idea - other drugs not working! x   

  12. Had never heard of One Direction till this week but I think they have been in the paper everyday this week. Everytime I switch the TV on... One Direction lol. Anyways hope you're feeling better soon seems like lots of people are sick at the moment. Take care of yourself. 

  13. Please please please tell me if the scarf was bought this year! I had a look in my local Jay Jays but there was nothing remotely similar x Love your blog, my sister has been through IVF so I know something of the process - best of luck to you both

  14. Anonymous, I lost your comment through blogger.  Sorry, the scarf was from Jay Jays circa 2005.....

    SSG xxx

  15. Leanne Shea LangdownApril 14, 2012 at 5:54 AM

    How are you feeling now SSG? Hope you are feeling better now that you can put on those slippers and curl up for the weekend.
    PS My 12 year old daughter is a HUGE One Direction fan.  I tried to get tickets but was about 6 hours late ...

  16. Have just found this blog and absolutely love SSG's style. . . So cute. So smart.


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