Apr 3, 2012

No Needle Tuesday.

A postcard from the land of Sooooo....

Calming image of a glass and pitcher of water in lieu of a proper postcard worthy photo.
In the time that I've been writing this blog, I've realized that I'm no good at not writing about what's foremost in my mind.  I start out by planning to not write about something until I've thought it through properly. Then I try to distract myself by writing about less topical subjects.  Then I struggle to write those posts because my heart's not quite there and my mind is a million miles away.  The words don't flow like they should and I don't laugh (or Google to fact check) as I type.  There is no joy in trying to put words together 'just so'.

Sooooo.  I'm writing straight from my mind today.  About how things are going with this first IVF cycle of mine. I've spent an awful lot of time over the last 10 days preparing myself for the worst and it's been a pleasant surprise that the worst hasn't actually happened.  I've responded to the medications, the cycle hasn't been cancelled and it's game on for tomorrow.  Egg collection, cutely and perhaps symbollically, just in time for Easter.

Life has an IVF patient has been less chaotic than I had anticipated.  I've had lots of support from the clinic and any tests I've needed along the way have been done at a centre very close to work.  There has been minimal disruption to my working life and I've actually been less cranky with the hormones on board than without.  I will only need to take one day off, tomorrow, and everyone at work has been terribly supportive through this.  Today is also a red letter day because I have a holiday from needles, hence my officially naming today No Needle Tuesday.

You know I love looking for lessons about life in the dramas of my reproductive life, don't you?  It's got to be a fertile ground for something.  I swear that last sentence just wrote itself.  This IVF business has taught me as many things about life as I have bruises on my stomach.

  1. Enjoy the process in any way you can.  Have a tepid bath after each injection.  Give yourself a gold star after each needle and count how many you get at the end of the cycle.  Whatever the number is, you qualify for a new handbag.
  2. That your mindset is as important as the medicine.  The medications and procedures are the visible part all of this but the mind also has a very important role to play. My mind has been plain obstructive at times.  Mainly be ruminating on 'the past' and 'the worst case scenario'.  Taking a few minutes each day to be positive and visualize in my mind the progress that my body has made with each day's treatment has given me a sense of balance and a trust that this will all work as it should.
  3. You may not be the part quite yet but you will look and feel the part.  There's a bump under those bruises and it's not (entirely) vanilla ice cream with Cherry Ripe sauce.
  4. Aside from Dr Google giving me rigorously reviewed scientific papers about IVF, there's an even larger body of 'research' that I probably shouldn't be reading (because they won't help) but cannot resist reading all the same.  The 'research' is so much easier to understand and be alarmed by...
  5. It's a time to take things slowly and I'm gradually enjoying this.  Jogging has turned to walking and yoga is less vigorous than is was.  I'm glad that I can keep going with some form of daily exercise because it keeps my energy levels up and clears my mind.

Whatever the outcome of this cycle is, the bottom line is that at this point, we're in with a chance.  I've gone further with this process than I thought my body was capable of and I've coped reasonably well along the way.  I'm also very much in the 'now' rather than in a hypothetical future that keeps changing according to my levels of anxiety and hope.


  1. Thinking of you tomorrow then :-)
    I really appreciate your 'So...' posts. I'm no where near close to trying for a baby yet, but I do hold that fear that when I do it will be too late for it to happen naturally. So in some way, you're a bit of an inspiration, reminding me that there is always hope xx

  2. MissDirections
    Thank you for your comment.  I'm glad that these posts are a help.

    Take care

    SSG xxx

  3. A brilliant post SSG. Congratulations on your Easter harvest. Sorry, couldn't resist. Keeping in squarely at the front of my mind with everything positive you might require.

    Is it too soon to beg? Not for me it's not. OMG pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease work. 

  4. SSG I love #2, it is so important!

  5. Best of luck dear, I hope everything goes perfectly for you.

    Your post has really help me today. I'm starting my fourth cycle very soon after 4month break and I've been trying to get my mind set ready for the shebang.


  6. You're in my thoughts constantly, SSG - sending you lots of hugs.

  7. Leanne Shea LangdownApril 3, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    You go girl!! That's the spirit. I wish you a basket full of fertile eggs for Easter.

    (PS - Met a lovely lady at the bloggers conference who writes about fertility issues and her own journey to finally getting her bub.  Her blog is called "Beyond the Bump" www.beyondthebump.com.au) 

    Best wishes SSG! Enjoy your needle free day ... (thinking of you and have everything crossed). 

    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit 

  8. I've been reading your blog for a little while but don't often comment (sorry) and clearly missed a lot of your journey over the past couple of years.  This is wonderful news that you're responding so well to the IVF, good luck with the egg collection tomorrow and my fingers and toes are crossed that the easter bunny does its work over the next two weeks.

  9. Red Roses and CrystalApril 3, 2012 at 5:11 PM

    No needle + new handbag equals a giant WOOHOO for you SSG.

    Fingers and toes

  10. Just read Miss Directions comment and she said one very important thing.  There is always hope.  Don't forget it my friend.

    Good luck.  Big fat good luck.


  11. I am glad that this cycle is going so well for you! Best of luck for tomorrow. And I agree, a new handbag is most certainly needed after all this - no matter the outcome.

  12. SSG, sounds like you are in a really good space.  I too think it is important.  Being rested and calm puts in you good stead to go through the cycle positively.
    take care

  13. SSG, I have been through IVF recently and I wish you the best of luck! x I just wanted to give you some advice....you will definitely need more than one day off work for your egg retrieval...you need full rest to recover before transfer and will be a bit tender. Also, acupuncture is meant to assist with implantation...my second cycle I had acupuncture the day before transfer and then straight after my transfer in the afternoon. I personally think this a must do.
    Thinking of you x
    R in Melbourne.

  14. Keeping you in my prayers esp during this Easter period that all will go well. Positive thoughts and attitude. Enjoy the journey. 

  15. Wishing you all the absolute very best for tomorrow!  Sending you sticky vibes and heaps of baby dust xxx


  16. Hoping great things for you. xox

  17. Renee - GC RealEstateGirlApril 4, 2012 at 11:07 AM

    I'm so happy to read this post as it seems you're in a really great place at the moment. As you said, you're in with a chance and a chance is all any of us get. Hoping Helen is bringing you blessings and your mind stays in this place for as long as it takes to get a positive result.
    Love as always x

  18. i wish you NOTHING but luck my friend you know that, the only thing i want more than anything for this to work for you, is for Miss Suger to announce she's knocked up as well - double whammy would be the icing on the cake!

    keeping everything crossed, that this is it, that you're one of the truly fortunate ones who have just one cycle of IVF & get the prize HUZZAH!

    keeping stuff crossed - even my legs! - for that BIG FAT positive news xxxxxxxx

  19. My thoughts are with you and Mr SSG. May the wait pass quickly and not be too torturous.
    Best wishes, Suz xo

  20. Wishing you all of the luck in the world as always, SSG xx

  21. I'm a new reader to your blog and find this post inspirational and courageous. You are obviously in a good state of mind and remaining positive. I wish you the very best with your journey.

  22. Hi SassandSpice
    Thank you for your support and well wishes.
    SSG xxx


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