Apr 4, 2012

Summer Lite. Lounging.

Objectively, it was a glorious day in Sydney, wasn't it?  It was summer lite weather with a fabulously blue sky.  It was warm enough already in the morning to justify your decision to get a final wear out of your summer clothes without fear of freezing once you stepped out the door without a cardigan. I know I labour the point about cardigans on this blog but I'm miserable if I'm cold and un-cardiganed.  It's right up there with wet trouser legs and open toed sandals.

Taking it easy sure makes the day go by quickly.

One minute I was watching Sunrise this morning and the next I'm sitting here after dinner, almost ready for bed.  Thank you everyone for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers for today.  Things went smoothly this morning and I hope to have news in the next few days.

On my walk, with a cup of coffee in on hand and Hipstamatic in the other.
Before I came home for my day long date with the sofa, I went for a walk.  The sunshine today just had to be appreciated in the flesh ray rather than from behind a window.

I started at Mr SSG's favourite cafe near his office.  To the left of the muffins on the counter stands this glass contraption housed in a wooden frame.  It's actually for making cold pressed coffee.  Apparently it packs quite a punch.  Perfect for the 4pm slump.  It's such a hit that if you need your fix in a hurry, the cafe sells bottles brewed earlier in the day.

The fancy windows at Louis Vuitton reminded me of what I should be doing this weekend.  Not shopping, surprisingly but watching The Hunger Games at the cinema.  Somewhat randomly, don't you love how the Big Names defiantly run against the current season in Australia?  We're all looking for winter knits and coats in the real world but in the world of fashion, it's spring/summer still (or again).

Up the road a little, at Martin Place, a vintage car display was taking place in aid of prostate cancer survivors.

Young and old, male and female, the cars were a hit with everyone.  Children were allowed to 'pretend drive' and photographers were encouraged to snap away.

There was a tongue in cheek tone to the signage.

And they have got to be the prettiest blue hub caps I've ever seen on a car.

I had grand plans of going Easter Egg 'hunting' (look, choose, buy and eat - that's sort of hunting) at Haigh's on George Street but the line was 30 deep out the front door and I couldn't even get a look in at their window displays.  I found eggs a plenty elsewhere in the city but when your heart and mind is set on Haigh's, it's hard to be satisfied with anything else.

This photo misrepresents how much sushi I actually ate for lunch....  There's a few rolls that didn't fit in the frame.
I'm thinking positive and eating as many rolls of sushi as I can, while I can.

And now I'm heading back to the sofa with my magazines and Kindle.  For some reason, I've downloaded 2 e-books about the high octane lives of escorts in New York City.  Racy stuff.


  1. So glad it all went well for you *hugs*

  2. Today was lovely. I took the Boo and went for a walk at the Wildflower Gardens among the wallabies. Fabulous. Although I can't wait for a cold snap. I have a few things I want to wear that require some cooler weather...

    Glad all went well. Fingers and toes, my lovely xx

  3. Love the photos to capture your day! Great walk :) Hope things continue to go well.


  4. What a beautiful walk, so nice to stop and notice things around you and appreciate what we have. I hope everything goes well for you. xT

  5. Dear Sidney Shop Girl, 
    my best wishes for you! 
    Your photographs are lovely - in Berlin Louis Vuitton has almost the same decoration - seems that in Sidney and Berlin we like the same. 

  6. Leanne Shea LangdownApril 5, 2012 at 10:20 AM

    Thanks for sharing your day! I've been thinking of you. Hope the couch was a considerate and well mannered date ...

  7. The weather is just gorgeous at the moment!  So glad that your day went well.  Fingers crossed.

  8. I'm with you on Haighs! Super aussie made chocolate :) 


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