May 29, 2012

Knit Wear Weather. After the Break In. For the Perfect Hot Chocolate.

I know the novelty of this cool, wet weather is going to wear off soon but isn't it fun to be finally wearing those winter knits in a non change room situation?
Knit coat - M Missoni @ Git Groupe, skinnies - Next Direct, ls T - Cotton On, wedge heels - Rockport, necklace - Coco Black by Red Phoenix Emporium.

Not so fun has been dealing with the aftermath of my work getting broken into over the weekend.  It was a precision operation involving bits of doors being sawn off and all our offices being trashed for petty cash, no frills lap tops, opened boxes of chocolates and used cosmetics.  That's right, the thieves had to go the extra mile in my office and make off with an obviously used eye lash curler and my Costco make up brush roll.  At least they were kind enough to rifle through my coin purse and leave behind my card for the coffee cart.

The consequences of the theft have been a mixed bag.  I spent yesterday afternoon retrieving as many of my work files as I could (the thumb drive with my work life on it got nicked as well) and I wiped down my whole desk (much easier without that pesky computer in the way). 

Then I had to do an emergency shopping run to buy a new thumb drive at Target.  And you know how my emergency shopping trips roll.....

I found this belly band set (tank, leggings and belly band) in black, reduced from $45 to $25 and in my size.  The even better news was that the final scanned price was ..... $15.10!!  A little win after a day of losses.

To replace that stolen eyelash curler of mine, I found this Sally Hansen contraption a Priceline.  It was reduced to $15 as well.  How could I go wrong when it promised Sexy Curls?

It looks more painful than your average curler but it's actually very easy to use thanks to its large handles with their easy grip plastic coating.  Produces a very strong curl that holds mascara well.

It's an eyelash curler true to its aims of crimp, curl, widen & wink.

Which was convenient becuase I'm currently fixated on Lauren Conrad's black flicked eyeliner from back in the day when she and Heidi Montag were BFFs.  Which was also the time before Heidi became one half of synthetic Speidi and then went on that marathon plastic surgery binge.  It all seems so long ago.

When I'm not practicing my flicky eyeliner tecnique these days, I can be found in search of hot chocolate.  Even typing this is making me hungry for one (so I just popped down to the coffee cart to get one).  I made my first Lindt hot chocolate this week.  The instructions on the tin were very easy to follow.  All you need is mik, a microwave proof mug and Lindt chocolate flakes.

At first I thougt the suggested 6-7 teaspoons of flakes was excessive but in hindsight, I think it's the bare minimum.

I couldn't resist dusting my hot chocolate with some cocoa as well.  To replicate the cafe experience.

The end result is definitely a step up from powdered hot chocolate.  It's not as rich as what the cafes sell.  Perhaps because I didn't spike mine with chocolate syrup or add a pink marshmallow.  But they are ideas for next time.  I was thinking Hershey's chocolate syrup perhaps and good old Pascall's marshmallows....  Something for the Costco shopping list, I think.

Ooohh!!!  I can hear the opening bars of Nigella Kitchen's theme song on the telly, that's my signal to get back to the couch!

Take are and stay warm, everyone!


  1. That hot chocolate looks DELICIOUS!
    I'm totally going to Target tomorrow for one of those packs, thanks for the heads up lovely!!

  2. Hmm now I feel like a hot chocolate. Might have to save it for warming up after dinner though.
    The belly band set looks cool...though what is a belly band??

  3. I'm still trying to work that out myself.  I think they help your bottoms stay in place and keep your belly covered  I will spread the word when I've sussed it out.

    SSG xxx

  4. Run, don't walk!!!!!  There were only a few odd sizes left at my local.

    SSG xxx

  5. Rhiannon ThomsonMay 29, 2012 at 9:36 PM

    Sexy curls, ha! I do hope it is true to its words! 

    The lindt hot chocolates are divine!

  6. Scary your work was broken into! :( Glad you managed to pick up a few other goodies on your shopping tip though :)

    That hot chocolate looks yummy!

  7. Loving the fact that you are buying maternity essentials!!!! xox

  8. Oh and better to top the hot chocolate then cocoa are the actual flakes themselves.  That is how my cousin makes the hot chocolates (which I love) at his cafe.  

  9. I have been a hot chocolate connoisseur for many many years and have found the perfect one! It is called Complete Hot chocolate mix and is made by Nestle. It comes in a huge big tin and is mixed with hot water and then I like to put a dash of milk or cream in it. I buy it from a catering supplier. If you can source it in sydney it is well worth it. Failing that I've found the Cadbury drinking choc with warm milk second best. Fantastic buy on the maternity gear!!

    1. That one is good!!!! I always take extra sachets of it home when they serve it at conferences, etc as it's a food service only product and Nestlé don't make a comparative retail product. I know because I asked them. Haha

  10. Thieves are so annoying. We had a couple of break-ins recently and were forced to relocate classrooms while the police investigated. So inconvenient.

    Love the Missoni coat.

    TDM xx

  11. Lorraine @ Not Quite NigellaMay 31, 2012 at 6:10 PM

    I thought Lauren Conrad was Donna Hay-or do I see everything from a food perspective! :o


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