May 14, 2012

Mother's Day. Winter Wedges.

Happy Monday!

Okay, so no one really looks forward to Mondays but hey, it's the start of the week and with that comes hope that you're one week closer to where you want or need to be in life.

I had a lovely weekend.  Coping better with the changes and at the same time trying not to lose touch of all the things I usually enjoy doing.

Mr SSG and I had a low key brunch on Mother's Day.  As time has moved on, I've experienced for myself how Mother's Day takes on different meanings and implications for women as they go through one phase of life to the next.  Beyond being a day to remember how much your own mother means in your life, the day is also one where you may reflect on your own journey towards or as a mother.  For me, the last couple have moved from hopeful waiting to hope for better times ahead.  This year, though, has been one of thankfulness, gratefulness and filled with excitement for the future.

Mother's Day was also the windiest day I can remember for quite a while.  I went for a walk down to the river and there were leaves and branches swept up in the whirling winds wherever I looked.  The council have also added a new stretch to the footpath.  Can't wait for the concrete to set so I can see where it leads to on my next walk.

The wind didn't quit all day and despite the sun, it never quite got warm.  Which was as good a reason as any, really, to head to the wind proofed walls of the shops.

Where Havianas were doing their best to hold onto the distant memories of long summer days with this thong vending machine at the Westfield.

$20 gets you your choice of Havs.  Unfortunately, I'm far too old and sensible to be a follower of the thongs in winter trend that seems to sweep the eastern states each year.  It rains heavily here, kids, and it gets cold. Why were jeans, a jumper, a beanie and a scarf if you're going to wear thongs on your feet at the same time!?!?

Anyway.  I took my old lady self off in search of real shoes to get me through winter.  And promptly found them at Rockport.  2 pairs in fact.  So much for having an Austere April.

Dressy leather wedges from Rockport.
As much as I love my flats for work, sometimes, a girl needs a bit of heel.  Wedges are a perfect compromise, offering both height and comfort.  The challenge for me had been finding winter wedges this season.  It's all brogues and loafers or else sky high heels out there at the moment.  Luckily, Rockport had the goods and in my size.  I think the pairs I bought will cover most occasions this coming winter.  They could even cross over to the weekend.

More casual suede wedges from Rockport.  Mr SSG is currently sourcing suede protector spray for me.  Thanks, Mr SSG!

Goprene by adidas in the sole of my Rockports. The secret to happy feet at work.

I love how Rockports are comfortable from that first day you wear them to work.  I wore my suede pair today and my feet are happy all over, not a single blister or sore red patch.  Perhaps it's that secret 'Goprene by adidas' feature in the sole?

The sensible shopping didn't stop there.

I got in early on the thermals at Target.  I've usually missed the boat by the time I realize just how much I need them as a pyjama alternative in winter.  The range at Target this year is mainly in greys and black.  There are various weights of warmth from regular to extra and the price per item is $29 at the moment.  The best thing about thermal leggings is that there's no more cold patches on your legs at night because the leggings stay put and don't ride up like pyjama legs do.  It's amazing how much more rested I feel in the mornings when my legs have stayed warm all night.  I know you didn't ask but it had to be said.

It wasn't all shopping at the weekend, though.  I managed to drag myself to the pool to test out my new orange watch and get back some fitness while I was at it.  I tricked myself by parking the car in the sun at home so I'd get so warm on the drive to the pool I'd be dying for a swim.  It worked and I swam.

Take care, everyone, and have a lovely week!

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  1. I have to say, those Rockports do look comfy! As for Havaianas in vending machines: crazy! Happy Mothers' Day to you, I hope next year is filled with joy with your new bub xx


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