May 11, 2012

The Shimmerbrick that Rose from the Dead. An Ode to Potatoes.

It's Friday!!!!  We've all survived the working week.   Thank you all so much for your kind comments and shared happiness at Wednesday's news.  I hope reply to you all this weekend.  It was pretty major news and to be honest, I'm not sure what to follow it up with in this post.  I changed the direction I part my hair this week and have discovered root lift I never knew I had?  Or how about how good left over lasagna tastes for lunch at work?  Okay,  I think we're all going to have to accept that this is going to be post devoted to making mountains over molehills.

Before the miracle pressing.

My beige Shimmerbrick shattered on me first thing Thursday morning and honestly, I can't believe the rest of the world continued.  I shared the tragic news with twitter this morning to keep myself accountable with regard to how I'd manage the situation.  With the twitter-verse as my witness, I promised to not go and buy a replacement off Strawberrynet or even more shamefully at David Jones for the full Australian retail price.  I have this aversion to shattered make up compacts that borders on the obsessive.

Fortunately, twitter saved the day and I was told to press firmly down onto the make up through a piece of tissue paper.

And after.  I think I wedged the pieces back in so hard there's no way they could dislodge the next time I drop it.
And voila!  The fault lines are practically gone.  Give me a few weeks of swiping a brush across the cracks and they'll be gone completely.

Carisma potatoes are perhaps the second most exciting thing that's rocking my world right now.  They are sold only at Coles and are seriously the best potatoes I've ever eaten.  What's more, they're low GI.

They retail for under $7 for 2 kilos and are packaged scrubbed.  Reading the product information, they are an all rounder spud.  Good for boiling, baking and roasting.

I'm going through a 'jacket potato with dinner every night' phase right now.  So I had my first baked Carisma with apricot chicken.  It was the meal that made be fall in love with potatoes all over again.  The texture of the potato was incredibly creamy and light.  It soaked up the flavour from my chicken and bit of butter perfectly.  The skin crisped nicely too.  I lightly coated the potato with some olive oil and sea salt before baking, wrapped in foil for 1.5 hours in a hot oven.

The retro Apricot Chicken was in honour of my watch that came in the post from Gilt this week.  It's almost orange overload.  Almost.  Looking forward to testing it out at the pool this weekend.

Last night's jacket potato was served with a steak I seasoned and grilled myself.  I've never been much good with cooking steaks and usually the job is Mr SSG's.  He's also better at stacking the dishwasher than I am. Last night, he decided to teach me how to do both, at the same time.  It was hectic but at the end of it I got a perfectly cooked piece of fillet and managed to fit more stuff into the dishwasher.

I hope you've a lovely weekend planned.  Don't forget Mother's Day!


  1. I want potatoes now, my kangaroo lunch stir-fry isn't going to cut it. I think steak and potatoes will have to be on the cards for dinner :-)

  2. love a retro apricot chicken! reminds me of my nana. & I'm so in love with potatoes, even more recently for some reason... best.
    Heidi xo

  3. Oh gosh, I had a MAC palette drop and I wish I'd thought to press it back in! If you are a potato kick you NEED (I REPEAT, NEED!) to try Dutch Creams. I don't eat potatoes for dietary reasons generally but I cheat on Friday nights IF Dutch Creams are available to me. Hahaha. 


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