May 24, 2012

Smooth FM. Stealth Vegetables.

Well, hello!

It's Thursday already.  I feel like we've become strangers.  Apologies for my absence for the greater part of this week.  Various pregnancy ailments seem to have gotten the better of me (already) and writing for the blog has been beyond my brain cells this week.  But enough about my failing brain cells..

These are exciting times in the SSG Mobile.  I've added a new radio station to the car stereo system.  That I managed to do this without resorting the owner's manual is a testament to my affinity with technology.

smoothfm is a new FM radio station in Sydney that plays a great deal of easy listening music.  There are quite a few ads if truth be told but I think they're there to pay for the Voices lined up for the weekend.  Michael Buble will be hosting a Saturday morning show, Jason Donovon will be Sundays and Richard Wilkins is on the list as well.  I'm 36, I'm entitled to be as excited as I am by the prospect of listening to the three of them.

The only hitch is that I've not managed to tune the radio in the house to smoothfm.  Leaving me with only one option.  To turn on the car radio as loud as I can and open all the car doors.  The neighbours are going to love me.  Everyone will be out in their gardens too, preparing for the verge rubbish collection next week. I'm doing the street a service playing ABBA that loud.

The next most newsworthy event in my life this week was that I ate a raw vegetable for the first time in months.  It was a tomato sandwiched between full fat English Cheddar and sea salt but it was still a vegetable.  Cheese and tomato sandwiches on toasted Turkish (as opposed to toasted cheese and tomato sandwiched) are currently my favourite lunch.

Up until this week, the only vegetables I've been able to eat have been carefully hidden in pasta based dishes.
Stealth vegetable pasta and chicken bake.
To get in my complex carbohydrates, I've recruited crepes to my kitchen.  They count as complex, don't they?  They are both difficult to make perfectly and to find ready made in the supermarket.

I got mine from Costco in case you were interested.

Next time I use these crepes, I'm going to have them sweet with a topping of sugar and lemon.
And I used them to make a chicken and mushroom bake.

Because somehow crepes topped with cream under melted cheese represented an exciting departure from pasta topped with melted cheese for my stodge centred palate.

The freezer is currently filled with home made 'ready meals' of pasta and crepe bakes.

But I think I might be brave next week and see if I'm up to a couple of sneaky salads.

Those of you who are already mothers will be laughing out loud about this one.  Lotions and potions for stretch marks.  It's a very lucrative sub-section of the beauty industry from what I've seen online.  I'm starting local with Bio Oil and will probably have worked through the globe and several price points by the end of the 40 weeks.  Please tell me I'm not the only person who's slathered on stretch mark oil in the blind hope it will turn those afternoon tea Tim Tams and hot chips into toned muscle.....


  1. Mmm... all that food looks so tasty!
    Although, I think tomato is technically a fruit, isn't it?

    Either way, YUM!

  2. Oh thanks for reminding to tune my radio in too. I'm keen for some easy listening classics after a day at work and the thought of you playing loud and proud through your car made me laugh out loud! I can just imagine! That pasta bake looks soooo good! made my mouth water.. yum!

  3. Bio Oil is good, but petro chemicals I think? I switched to Trilogy's Rosehip Oil and still use it 3 months post-birth. It's expensive but only need to use a couple of drops. Nothing saved me from stretch marks but they're my badges of honour ;-)

  4. Renee GC Real Estate GirlMay 24, 2012 at 5:21 PM

    I cant comment on the effectiveness of Bio Oil but can swear by Garnier in the green bottle for arms, chest and legs with Palmers stretch mark cream or Mothercare SM cream for belly and hips - almost 36 weeks and not a mark so far (touch wood). x

  5. Mmm, how good is a cheese and tomato sandwich... I think you just helped me work out what I want for dinner ;)

  6. I giggled when you said you could only get the station in the car! I'm sure your neighbours will be wondering where the music will be coming from as you play it all weekend :)
    Food looks yummy too - glad you're starting to be able to eat fresh veggies again :)

  7. dont be silly!!! crepes are EASY to make!!

  8. Tomato is a fruit! :) Sorry to hear you're feeling bluurghh. I hope it passes soon and you can settle in and get ready to bloom. I used bio oil for my two pregnancies (I made poor hubby massage it in each night) and for what it's worth, I don't have any stretch marks. I think the massage helps as much as the oil. Suzx

  9. Duh!!!

    Tomatoes ARE fruits....  Thanks for the reminder, everyone.

    Back to the raw veg drawing board.

    SSG xxx

  10. I'm a Mustela devotee. I started using it after I got sick of having bio oil marks on the sheets. It's fab stuff and they also make amazing products for babies. I have been using them from day one with G and you know how fabulous her hair and skin are :)

    K xx

  11. Vegetable aversion is the one thing that terrifies me about pregnancy. I will get so fat so fast if all I can eat is stodge. That sandwich looks so delicious. I am not big on cut tomato but love a freshly cut tomato and cheese sambo, Yum!

    I am loving Smooth FM, too. We're all about the Easy Listening. Mr. BB attributes it to having been born in the 70s. 

  12. Hannah
    The stodge loses its appeal fast.  Promise.

    Microwave packets of vegetables have been a god send.  Been eating more fruit each day as well.


  13. I had completely missed your announcement. I am so very happy for you. I suppose by now you've had an ultrasound? Things are going well? Thrilled for you. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

  14. This Cheese recipe looks incredibly easy. Mouth watering salad or sandwich recipe with cheese


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