May 18, 2012

A Special Delivery. Cocktails and Mocktails. Thermal Addiction.

It was new shoe Friday and it's going to take my toes all weekend to recover.  I wasn't really helping myself in this regard today.  After limping across the car park this afternoon, I slipped off my right shoe to discover the cause of my gait disturbance - I'd forgotten to remove the cardboard toe insert.  Well, at least I got to the bottom of the problem (so to speak).

It wasn't all pain and agony at work today though.  Because it was Tim Tams left, right and centre in our work tea room today.

Thanks to this special delivery I received during the week from Tim Tam HQ.

That's right, two cartons of Tim Tams and a lovely Tim Tam thank you note for spreading some Tim Tam love.  It was a lovely surprise and I can see Friday morning cuppas being that little bit more enjoyable for the rest of the year.  My colleagues and I do have 48 packets of  to get through, after all.

In other exciting news, I went out last night.  On a week night.  I know, who would have thought I'd be up to so much on a Thursday evening.  L, my good friend from uni flew into Sydney with her mum yesterday and we caught up for an early dinner (after an assault on the shops, of course).  It was lovely to be able to catch up and for each of us to share special news in person rather than via text or a phone call.

We kicked back with a cocktail (or mocktail for the one of us not on holiday) each.  The ladies had a cosmopolitan and an iced margarita and I had a healthy combo of banana, pineapple and passionfruit juice.  To friendship and good shopping!

Of all the friends I've made before moving to Sydney, I'd have to say that my friends from my uni years are the people I'm closest to.  We just seem to have met at the right time and grown up together rather than apart.  Our lives are all so different now and we've spread across the country and overseas but when we meet, the distance and the time seems to disappear.  One of the ironies is that because we're all so far apart, we probably make an extra effort to get in touch whenever we happen to be in the same city.

I'm officially addicted to Target thermals.  My major find from last night's shopping was the 20% off sale on thermals at Target.  There's an awful lot of T alliteration in those two sentences.  Anyway, I managed to get this black and grey striped top and another pair of grey leggings.  I may well spend the entire weekend in them.

Speaking of weekends, have a lovely one and talk to you soon!

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  1. Oh I'm so jealous of the timtams....I'm almost drooling right now......haha

    Shame about the shoes, hopefully without the cardboard they are much comfier next time you wear them!


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