May 19, 2012

Weekend Beverages.

This morning was beautiful.  The air was crisp and the sun rose to reveal rolls of mist over the foreshore where I often go for my morning walk.  I could barely make out the familiar footpaths and bridges of present day Sydney.  Instead, the park looked like it was part of the set of Game of Thrones (which I'm loving, by the way).  Dogs doing their laps of the soccer fields looked like wolves from ancient times.  The rowers getting their boats ready for training looked like warriors preparing for war.  And all around them that mist that seemed to be rising from the water.

The day has lost that fantasy element of the early morning and clear blue skies have evaporated that morning fog.  I'm at my desk for a morning of personal admin and general time wasting.  I love that about stay at home Saturdays.

Speaking of time wasting, remember way back on August 9 2010 when I convinced myself I'd be able to do a one day juice detox?

What I was supposed to only drink for 24 hours.
And how I'd failed by lunchtime?  Despite going to Coles for rescue supplies of organic miso?  I'll never forget the lethargy.  It was that more than the hunger that drove me to solid food.  Never again.

Here in May 2012, I've found some new rainbow coloured drinks to fill my fridge with.  Don't worry, I'm not going down the same detox track as before.  I just get bored of water sometimes and find that Glaceau Vitamin Water has just enough sugar, taste and vitamins to start my day.  Before progressing to whole foods.  With crunch, texture and nutritional value.

Like granola and a chopped banana.  I'm not a detox person so I'll just have to concentrate on not putting those 'toxins' into my body in the first place.

With a whole day at my disposal, I've dusted off my tea pot and am trying a new loose leaf tea from T2.  It's called Terrific Toffee and it sounds perfect for this weather.  It also smells heavenly with pieces of nougat punctuating the black tea leaves.

I brewed mine for 3 minutes and the result was a very smooth and creamy mid morning cup of tea.  I added a dash of milk and a couple of Ginger Nuts (for their calming properties) and in so doing seemed to have killed that chocolate craving I had 15 minutes ago.  Perhaps I'm a tea rather than a juice detox person.

Wholesomeness is a morning activity for me.  My plans for this afternoon involve these periodicals devoted to 'current affairs' and some snacks to keep my brain cells ticking over as I read.

Happy Saturday, everyone!!!!


  1. Aaah.  Ginger nuts.  Love them.


  2. Wow, that tea sounds delicious, I must try it sometime.  Hope you have a good weekend! =)

  3. Yuuuum, that tea looks totally delicious! I think I need to pop into T2 ASAP. 

  4. That Granola looks SO good. Since I became pregnant I'm alllllllllllllllllll about Carmen's muesli in the morning with yogurt. Love it!


  5. Mmm... I've been dosing up on the teas and find they're a great alternative to snacking and also force me to drink lots of water (there's water in my tea!) I ADORE T2, although since I love a variety it can be very expensive.  I'm a big fan of their earl grey, especially the French earl grey blend. The mango sencha is divine! Choc chip chai is great for after lunch. Their creme brulee gives a creamy hit. I tried the peach sencha over the weekend too, and although I didn't like it as much I'm giving it another shot once my cold clears up and I can taste properly!


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