Jun 13, 2012

Being A Fan of Lara's Nan. Soon Maternity.

It's the day after Being Lara Bingle: Episode 1 and I think Lara has achieved her objective.  Everyone's talking about Brand Bingle.  The press are having a field day, the twitterverse see her as fair game (as it always has but now there's the new hashtag #beinglarabingle with which to justify any 'constructive criticism').

Image courtesy of www.news.com.au
As I read the opinion pieces and tweets that were on all the Australian online news sites today, I wondered if perhaps we've lost the point of some reality television.  That sometimes there isn't much of a point at all.  Is there anything wrong with giving your brain cells a rest for half an hour so that you can just immerse yourself in the highly edited, slightly glossy and somewhat rough goings on of a girl from the Shire?  Must everything on television be high brow, laden with symbolism and (at least pretend to be) intelligent and informative viewing?  Must every female celebrity aspire to be a role model for young girls?  Can they not lead their own lives and perhaps have everyone learn something from the consequences and outcomes?

Can't viewers exercise their own intelligence by determining what they want to get out of a particular pice of television that they view?

I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed watching the first episode.  As far as I was concerned, Being Lara Bingle covers all the major food groups of reality television :

  1. a star with a colourful past and a desire to have 'her side of the story heard'
  2. fleeting references to the worlds of fashion and PR (I finally got to see who Camilla and Marc are and now know that it's not unusual for PR firms to operate from beneath a mountain of hair care products) 
  3. the age old dilemma of trying to be a 'normal person' doing 'normal things' whilst being tailed by photographers and making yourself conspicuous by driving a large black tank and dressing all 'fashion'
  4. an array of family members and close friends with their own relationship dynamics whose presence on the show sometimes threatens to steal the attention away from the star.

My favourite scene of the whole episode?  Lara's Nan and her terse words of wisdom in a telephone call to Lara after the latest scandal made a 6.30pm 'current affairs' program.  As Nan wisely lectured, she made me realise a universal truth about families.  It doesn't matter who you think you are, your family will always keep you grounded and try to protect you from yourself by telling you the things no one else has the courage or interest to do.

After celebrities, there's always shopping.

And today's purchases come to you by way of Melbourne label Soon Maternity.  I recently placed an online order with them and was really impressed by the customer service.  I received an email the day after I placed my order to offer me some options on a top that was no longer available in my size.  I emailed a reply stating my decision expecting that to be the end of things.  I then received a phone call a few minutes later from a staff member who had gone to the store room and found an alternate colour option that she thought I might be interested in.  Which I was.  It was a really thoughtful thing to do and that willingness to go out of her way to be helpful was something I really appreciated.

Madeline LS Wrap Dress - Soon Maternity, wool scoop neck knit in light pink - Soon Maternity,  necklaces - Coco White and Audrey by Red Phoenix Emporium.
And I really am "lovin' my Soon Maternity" (as I wrote on Soon's Facebook page).  The dress has some stretch to it and is very comfortable to wear.  Creases also seem to miraculously drop out of the fabric after an hour or two on the hanger.  The wool knit has plenty of length and the neckline sits neither to high nor too low - it works well for both work and the weekend.  All in all, a perfect outfit for work that is going to get a lot of mileage this winter, thanks also to my collection of RPE necklaces (which have cheered up many a pregnancy transition outfit these last few weeks).

I've heard great things about Soon's trousers and am planning to order a pair in the next little while.  Stay tuned for a follow up report on these and on quite a few other maternity fashion related purchases. The poor baby hasn't even got one piece of clothing to their name yet and here I am with practically a whole second wardrobe.  Already.


  1. MotherhoodcareerfashionJune 13, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    You can never ever go wrong with a black and outfit ensemble. You look fantastic. So looking forward to seeing your bump grow and what other maternity goodies you've got. :)

    Take care SSG!

  2. MotherhoodcareerfashionJune 13, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    I meant black and white ensemble. Been a long day today *lol*

  3. Thanks for the write-up on Being Lara Bingle. I'm not much of a reality TV girl but I'm curious on how the show was. Absolutely nothing wrong with some guilty pleasure TV viewing, mine is Judge Judy LOL.

    And good to hear that you found some nice maternity wear, don't worry you'll be buying lots of little outfit soon enough.

  4. Thanks for the post, I missed the episode, but I think i'll have to set the next one to record :)

  5. I have not watched this but do enjoy just chilling out on occasions and watching a programme for the fun of it or the fact that you can just forget things... Love Offspring each Wednesday night for example.  Also have not been round to blogs to visit for a while with my Dad here and have just learnt of your fabulous good news re your pregnancy.... CONGRATULATIONS SSG.  Really so very very happy for you. 
    Sarah (Semi Expat) XXX

  6. Don't worry about baby clothes, just have a baby shower and you will be inundated.  I have so many friends who have had kids who are saving things for me, I figure by the time I get around to having kids I won't need to buy a thing!

  7. I LOVED Soon Maternity while I was pregnant. I practically lived in one Sienna dress and a wrap cardi. So comfortable. I also rated Pea in a Pod's trousers. They were pretty good considering the price. Wrap dresses are also good for breastfeeding if you choose to go down that path.

    I recommend you not buy any clothes until you find out what you are having, or how big the baby is likely to be. Poor Georgie was a 9 pounder which meant that she wore almost none of her 0000 clothes. Her coming home outfit was knickerbockers she was so long, even though it was supposed to be full length. Clearly I knew nothing about babies.

    K xxx

  8. I think I only bought my son 4 outfits before he was born, the rest were gifts. He got given heaps and I didn't even have a baby shower.

    Speaking of Soon Maternity, Brands Exclusive is having a Soon sale until Saturday. Most are at least half price!

  9. I didn't watch LB but I wish I had - I hope they release it on iTunes or something! 

    That wrap dress looks gorgeous on you. As for the baby shopping, my mother is superstitious and says you shouldn't buy anything, but I don't think I could control myself. The biggest piece of advice I have been told is to not buy the tiny tiny sizes in cute stuff as they might be too big for it at birth weight and they grow out of it way to quickly to enjoy it. Just some food for thought x

  10. Your analysis of the Lara Bingle is fantastic :) tv should be a fun thing and if Lara is your thing, good or yu. I blogged about her too x

  11. Your blog plays an important role n the field of our business...I will wait for your next post...:-)


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