Jun 22, 2012

Friday Night: Thermals and Other Things.

Winter does strange things to the best of us.

Which is why I can totally relate to this 2005 photo of Mischa Barton when she decided to hit the street wearing her thermals as outerwear.  I believe they were made by the brand Primp.  I have to admit that at the time, I was so under the spell of Mischa / Marissa Cooper that I did buy a (presumably) fake Primp top off Ebay which I also wore as outerwear back in the day.  

The point of this random recollection is that thermals are one of the best things about winter.  For mere mortals, they're great under day clothes or ski gear at ski resorts and they make excellent pyjamas in the privacy of your own home or ski chalet.  In fact, I'm wearing a set of my Target thermals as I type this post.  But I'm sparing you the photo because it's really not as pretty or as exciting as Mischa's infamous pap shot.

Moving on to more contemporary celebrities.  I have @MsShoeGal to thank for the following visual which she tweeted earlier this week.

I'm 36 and I still thought that grin was just for me.  Along with 18 other people I know on Facebook.

This week, my ration of McDonalds was a box of cookies.  The hamburger cookies always make me smile.  Sadly, the cookies don't taste the same as they did in 1983.  They're sweeter and don't have that almost burnt crispiness along the edges that I really loved about them.

At the other end of the biscuit spectrum in Sydney is the official (because it was in Australian Gourmet Traveller) word that Laduree is to open at Westfield Sydney this July.  A matter of weeks away!  There doesn't appear to be a specific date confirmed but I'm hoping it will be sometime during my week of early in the month.  Or perhaps it will be around Bastille Day?  I've read from other sources that the macarons will be imported from Switzerland?  Which sounds crazy to me but there you have it.  Stores are also planned for Melbourne and Perth.  I'm also keen on trying the famed hot chocolate that the metrosexually suave Monsieur Macaron swooned about in the AGT article.

To take the 'M' word alliteration just a little further, I've got my very own Mount Metalicus on my sofa at the moment.  The ladies at online ordering did a great job of tracking down two items from B&M stores as the online stocks had run out.  Which is why my order from the first winter sale was a little late in arriving.

Dress - Metalicus, sweater - Soon Maternity, leggings - Supre, necklace - Run For Office, Red Phoenix Emporium.
But we finally found each other and I wore my Visions dress in ruby kiss today.  I love the warmth of the red.  It softened the blow of my make up free face at work today.  I've got the dregs of a head cold at the moment and it was all too much to even try and shield the world from my blotchy face with a slick of tinted moisturiser.

I've heard from a few readers who've been sucked into the all consuming world of Little Things and I apologise for all the hours you've wasted there.  The worst thing about it is what you do when you've solved that last puzzle.  Until the next set of puzzles is released, I've found the current Louis Vuitton catalogue a good substitute.  The location is Mexico and the feel is summer.  The challenge is to find the handbags hidden in the artfully constructed scenes on each page of the catalogue.  There's even a cheat's booklet included.

I'm going to make a start now.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and keep taking those vitamins!  Head colds are tedious because you're never quite sick enough to take the day off work but you're made miserable enough at work to wonder why you even bothered.

And on that cheery note....


  1. Hope you feel better soon! You definitely looked good in that red dress! :)

  2. Get well soon. You look as stylish as ever.

    TDM xxx

  3. Primp! Haven't heard that brand in years.  Reminds me of the good old days of VF.


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