Jun 12, 2012

LIttle Things. Wonderful News About Little Things.

If you thought I was a unusually quiet on the blogging front over the long weekend, you would be absolutely correct.

It wasn't just because I spent the 3 days indoors yet dressed for an Arctic expedition.  Nor was it just because of that mysterious and somewhat unpleasant few hours that evaporated whilst I had that love hate thing going on with 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

Readers, the main reason I was offline was because of this new game I downloaded to my iPhone.   It's called Little Things and I think this clip form YouTube explains is far better than I can.

Basically, Little Things is Where's Wally on steroids.  Hundreds of images of random objects are arranged within the likeness of one main thing such as a domino.

In a series of timed puzzles, you are then required to find the objects listed to the right of the main puzzle.

The hint tab, bottom right is a useful way of illuminating the general area where an object may be.  You can enlarge the puzzle using your fingers on the screen.  You are then rewarded with a jigsaw piece when a puzzle is completed.  At the end of 9 or 16 games (depending on the stage you're playing), you piece the puzzle together to unlock a new object to form the basis of a puzzle.  I think the aim is to unlock every single object featured in the opening credits.

I am a Little Things addict.  It's actually the first game I've bought for my iPhone and the only one I've played so obsessively that my wrists are sore from holding my iPhone in front of me whilst lying on the couch.

The other thing that this cold weather has had me obsessing about is potatoes.  

I started off with these healthy baked potatoes filled with tomato, corn and tuna for lunch.

And then I gave in to this tub of KFC's potato and gravy for dinner.  It's the ultimate comfort food really.  Smooth faux potato and that viscous KFC gravy that's in a class of its own in the fake goodness stakes.    I actually had some for lunch today.  I walked the entire length of the Pitt Street Mall looking for a KFC (and found it in the Myer Food Court) to satisfy my craving.  All around me, city workers were lunching on 'real' KFC meals, noodles, burgers and fish'n'chips.  And there I was reverently spooning red plastic teaspoons of mash into my mouth.

Sweater dress - Witchery, tights - Target, black ls T - Witchery.
Whilst dressed Fisherman's Friend via Melbourne style in chunky grey cable knit.  I am loving this Witchery woolly jumper dress whatsit.  It's so warm I didn't need to wear a coat over the top.  I accessorised with my House of Harlow 1960 bangles and a large cup of orange juice.

Fluid loading Macca's style,

That's right, orange juice.  It might look like a large Coke Zero but it was definitely orange juice.


I didn't think it through properly because clutching a large Maccas cup when walking into a waiting room full of pregnant women is a bit bad arse in a Cameron Diaz / 'Bad Teacher' kind of way.  But hey, for a moment there, I was living on the edge.

It was cold, wet and miserable looking out on the city from where I was but inside it was wonderful news for Mr SSG and I.  We saw Baby SSG and he/she is beginning to look like a baby.  There were quite a few obliging summersaults and burps for the camera and then some energetic arm and leg waving.  Our NT results were the best that they could possibly be for my age and this pregnancy is now feeling both right and real for me.

Suddenly the thought of getting drenched in the rain on the way home didn't seem so bad.  Especially when there was a hot cup of tea and a warm blueberry muffin waiting for me at the end the journey home.

With a bonus smile at the bottom of the cup.

My head's still somewhere in those grey, rain soaked clouds at the moment.  As I sipped my tea and ate my muffin, I began the joyful task of getting in touch with just a few of the people who've been hoping for this news almost as much as I have been.  There are so many of you, I hope I get to you all soon.  If I don't then please accept my thanks here on this post.  For everything.

I'm going to leave things there.  Dinner's on the table and ......

From tumblr

Being Lara Bingle starts at 8pm!!!!!


  1. So happy for you that everything is going well with bub and you saw him/her waving about.Its such a thrill.I get goosebumps justr remembering the feeling.Thinking of you and wishing all the best along this amazing journey xx

  2. Big congrats on the NT scan result.  Woohoo.

    Don't feel bad about the Macca's cup.  It's not like it was a bottle of Jack Daniels and a packet of smokes......

  3. I thought Lara was sweet and I loved her apartment

  4. Happy happy times! Could not be more thrilled for you and Mr SSG. Love and very best wishes xxx

  5. Oh I'm so glad you had such good news at the scan, yey! You looked very stylish for it too :)

  6. It's such a relief getting a good NT result.  Congrats again!  Can't wait to see your belly expanding :)

  7. Dear SSG tried to post my heearty congratulations last night but Ipad unco-operative!. Joyous news.
    Sadly I won't be going back for more of  Lara B. i just felt no one was giving her good advice and she looked lost. Little Things on the other hand is the bomb!!
    kate Bx

  8. SO happy for you
    The NT test is scary, we were relieved to say the least when the results came back, like yours as the best they could possibly be.
    Now one more test at the 20 week scan - 4 weeks to go!


  9. What wonderful news!! I am so excited for you.

    If you think a Maccas cup is bad, wait til you see the looks you get when you have a 9 month bump and a Starbucks cup. I felt like I had to almost tattoo "BUT IT'S DECAF" on my forehead...

    Mashed potatoes are the shizz. Love them. It's all about comfort food right now.

    K xx

  10. So so so happy for you! :) Such a heart warming post, getting all teary just reading this

  11. So cute! i like your sweater dress. And congrats for the new baby.


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