Jun 21, 2012

Parking the Car. Semi Synthetic Sandwiches.

You know your day is off to a good start when you can find street parking in Newtown.  Not just any kind of street park but the kind where your meagre parallel parking skills will not be called into action.

Granted it was around 8 this morning but still.  Newtown, people, Newtown!  There may be lots of carbon foot print conscious locals but there are also plenty of out of towners like myself that flood the streets during the day for work, coffee, medical appointments, coffee, medical appointments, coffee, people watching erm ... coffee.  My spirits did sag a little when it out when it came to paying for the parking.  I had to try three different parking meters before I found the one whose credit card slot worked but all in all, the morning was a success.

I made such good time that I had a hot chocolate at Luxe.  One of these days, I'll be strong enough to be able to have breakfast after 6 am and have breakfast here.  One of these days.

Knit jacket - Zara, necklaces - Red Phoenix Emporium, bangles - House of Harlow 1960, tank - Gap, tousers - Gap.

And I wore some Zhanel from the Zara near Oxford Circus, March 2012. 

The trousers are from Gap maternity and they are the best work trousers.  They look exactly like the regular line but have a seamless waistband that's firm and doesn't look too bad even if you do throw caution to the wind and recklessly wear a top that ends at the waist.

Gap's maternity tank tops are also worth looking into.  They are a great length and very comfortable.  They don't ride up at the waist at all.

In hindsight, I was a bit overdressed to go round to the ostetrician's but these days, an outing in an Outing.  I head Baby SSG's ticker again, I don't think I'll ever get sick of or be blase about hearing those soft but strong gushes fill the room.  I also think my tailored jacket wearing days are numbered for this pregnancy because the midwife declared that 'it's definitely up there'.  I'm pretty sure this was in reference to the baby and not my stomach.

Speaking of stomachs and by extension food (do I ever not these days?), I have a new food obession.  Sandwiches made with toast.  None of this toasted sandwich business but cold fillings in toasted bread.

Of course, this runs contrary to what everyone else at work has for lunch so while there are 2 sandwich presses in the kitchen, there isn't a toaster.  So I bought this $8 beauty from KMart at the weekend and have been using it all week.

This was a modelling photo only.  Of course I've been using it in the staff kitchen and not under the smoke detector in my office.

Armed with a loaf of wholemeal bread and some Coon cheddar slices, I began my week of sandwiches.

That cup of instant soup will be the subject of another post.  I'm also obsessed with those fancy new cup a soup sachets.

On Monday I added a rather expensive tomato and some sea salt for a good old cheese and tomato sandwich.
Why is it that canned chicken always reminds me of Jessica Simpson and her tuna versus chicken dilemma?

By the middle of the week, I'd walked past the sandwich display at the cafe too many times and started craving chicken and avocado sandwiches.  Don't judge me but the safest (and quickest) version I could come up with involoved avocado in a tube and canned chicken.  At least I think they're the lowest risk of listeria option but google was a bit vague.

Anyway.  The avacado was actually pretty good.  Straight out of the tube, it actually looks like mashed avacado and not an anaemic wasabi (wasabi, sushi .... don't get me started on how much I miss the pair of you together). 

You know what?  My semi synthetic sandwich was a pretty respectable version of the original with the 'fake' bits tasting like the real thing.

And with that, we're nearly at the end of another week.  I'm a night behind everyone else so will be watching Offspring while dinner cooks itself in the oven.

Stay warm!


  1. I think you look like a super stylish pregnant lady.  I am still so thrilled every time I read a post about your pregnancy, obstetrician, maternity wear etc.  For the record maternity clothes have improved a huge amount in the last 6 years!

  2. I am so happy to read your pregnancy is progressing smoothly. Luxe is a great little spot I stopped in there regularly when I was at RPA. 

  3. Something gorgeousJune 21, 2012 at 9:31 PM

    Yes will be looking forward to your take on maternity wear! Congratulations.G.x

  4. So exciting you got to hear the heartbeat again! :)

    Really like your outfit too - that jacket is lovely and perfect with the red necklace :)

    your sandwich looks great as well, what a healthy lunch option for work! :)

  5. OMG I'm obsessed with sandwiches made with toast lately! My personal favorites are sliced turkey, avocado & cranberry sauce and tuna, mayo & chopped capers.
    Love the Zara jacket.

  6. Perhaps semi-homemade rather than semi-synthetic? :)

  7. Perhaps semi-homemade rather than semi-synthetic? :)


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