Jun 17, 2012

Sun Over Sydney. Fish and Fries.

Winter, all is forgiven in Sydney when you give us half a weekend of clear blue skies, like you did today.

The whole city looks and feels the better for it.

Town Hall looking very European in the winter sun.
Even the sky can't resist bursting into a cheeky grin.

And it made me briefly forgot it was winter, causing me to cautiously introduce some much needed colour into today's outfit.

Jumper and ls top - Witchery, necklace - Limoncello by Red Phoenix Emporium, jeans - Maternal America skinny in vintage wash, flats - Lanvin, bag - Louis Vuitton.
Is there anything better than finding that your new pair of skinnies fit like a glove from the first wear?  So it was for me today with these Maternal America vintage wash jeans from Queen Bee.  Things are going so well with my upsized wardrobe from Witchery that I overlooked that dodgy seam issue and went back today to take advantage of the sale and found another jumper and a black version of the long line khaki top I'm wearing in this photo.  I ended up getting an extra 30% off the reduced price today.  The weather gods were clearly in cahoots with the shopping gods today.

Embracing colour and lighter toned neutrals is hungry work.

So I needed to refuel before my hairdresser's appointment this afternoon.

It goes without saying that I went to Maccas.

Lunch just made it to the healthy zone with some orange juice in addition to the above.
For a serve of their London Fish & Fries.  I might be a biased Maccas junkie but those fish fillets had a lovely batter to them.  Different to the coating on a Fillet O'Fish.  Maccas in the CBD are always such interesting places to visit.  The upstairs seating area is often a meeting point for all sorts of people doing things I'd never really associated with fast food restaurants.  Whilst I was having my lunch and availing myself of the free wifi, the ladies at the table opposite me were having an English lesson and some students to the right of me were immersed in something that looked like complicated mathematics equations.

Then it was a short stroll to the hairdresser where I was more grateful than usual for the chance to sit quietly for a few hours reading and closing my eyes whilst other, more capable people attended to my hair.  In my twenties, I used to get extremely fidgety in the hairdresser's chair, itching for the enforced resting to be done so that I could get on with life.  As I get older though, I'm more than happy to leave life and my phone at the front desk and be cut off from life's responsibilities for a few hours.

It's going to be a restful evening here at SSG Manor.  There's a new bar of soap ready for the last, relaxing shower of the weekend.

And a magazine with snacks to enjoy in front of the television afterward.  There's a great deal at magshop right now if you read The Australian Womens' Weekly.  For $69.95 you get a year's subscription to the magazine as well as 12 issues of Woman's Day.  The offer ends on June 26, 2012.

Image courtesy of www.theage.com.au
Though I'm not sure how far I'll get with the magazine tonight (no problem with the Tim Tams) because The Voice final begins at 7.30pm.  Go Karise!!!!!!!


  1. I just returned from Sydney today and the weather was glorious before I left.  COMPLETE opposite of yesterday.  Gorgeous outfit as usual and those fish and chips looked great.  Do you think Lanvin flats are worth the price?  I tried some on yesterday and they were very comfortable (well for the short period I was wearing them for) so am contemplating saving up for some. What do you think the best ballet flats are? Fifi xx

  2. Thanks for heads up on magshop! I'm going to have to try the fish and fries. :) Was going to ask what you thought of it. 

  3. I'm all for Karise as well.

    Cannot believe you ad fish n chips at Maccas!! That's sacrilege for a Sydney girl!


  4. Carly

    I am JEALOUS of your blankie time.

    SSG xxx

  5. Hi Maxabella,

    I guess it will just be like when I lined up to see Nicole Richie after buying somethin from er collection - each to her own.

    SSG xxx

  6. Fifi

    The Lanvins are nice but Bally are very comfortabls too.

    SSG xxx

  7. Don't go getting sensitive on me. My tongue is firmly in my cheek and your posts are firmly in my heart. x

  8. Hi L!

    No problem.  Of course I'd love anything from Maccas these days.

    SSG xxx

  9. That cloud formation is unreal! 

    Whenever I see your maternity clothing posts, I smile. I think to myself how adorable and heartwarming it is, how you should indulge in maternity clothing because this pregnancy was hard won

  10. Oh I'm glad you had lovely weather for the weekend too! :) It was so nice and sunny here!

    Love your yellow necklace against the neutrals too.

  11. What a lovely sunny day there. It was cold and rainy here and I rugged up under a blankie with Chrissie Swan and Yumi Stynes - "how rock star is this?" Yumi asked!

    Every time I see your maternity clothes posts I get so happy. I am so incredibly happy for this little miracle that is growing inside that stretchy Maternal America waistband :)

    And I want to get am asymmetrical jumper like that but can I justify it when I only have half a winter?!

  12. Thanks Mica!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

    SSG xxxx


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